Saving Quinault Valley



Derek Kilmer & Patty Murray's 
Introduced Bill
H.R. 2665
S. 1510
The Wild Olympics/Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
of 2015
Will AFFECT 126,554 ACRES

+ Another 5,346 Acres of Forest Service
managed land for
Potential Future Wilderness
 to add to their bundle
Land that does not contain
Wilderness Characteristics by law.

All total?


This designates
19 (+) Major rivers on the Peninsula "Wild & Scenic"

that will greatly cut off and reduce Access
 of these widespread areas

The D.C.Pew Environmental Groups "Wild Olympics" Plan
 was formed by a group of environmental extremists
Promoting Obama's

"America's Great Outdoors" 
                                        $900 MILLION
Land Grab Plan

When President Obama first announced his $900,000,000 land grab
 it was supposed to be a ONE TIME deal.
Run-A-Way D.C. spending, as we've seen, has taken a HUGE turn
 away from addressing the National Debt in 2014
Since REI CEO Sally Jewell was hand picked by the president
to serve as the NEW Secretary of Dept. of Interior.
 They have joined together to appropiate $900 Milion EVERY YEAR
to be used to acquire more park land.  

D.C.  PEW grantees are back AGAIN
 to  INFILTRATE our public and private lands
in attempt to re-designate the areas we work and live in for

A Very Costly Plan That is Not Needed.

Do we welcome the control of our neighborhoods 
 from those that live and work 3,000 miles away?


Do we welcome visitors that come to enjoy
 the beautiful rural areas of our very wild Olympic Mountains?


 when those arrogant FEW feel we don't deserve to live here in these established century old settlements, but feel they should.  Valley residents in Quinault have spent decades stewarding these lands that have been kept in the near pristine state you still find them today.
  Layers of strict government laws and regulations have continually kept the private property owners from continued stewardship efforts since the Spotted Owl wilderness designation was put in place in the late 80's when restrictions from unelected authorities prevented valley residents from further caring for these lands, that are now in danger and deteriorating from improper
management and lack of funding for the U.S.Forest service to support itself.

The Kilmer/Murray Collaborative
The Norm Dicks/ Patty Murray's
 "Wild Olympics Plan"is near identical  
placing even MORE restrictions on access
 the ability to maintain a healthy  living sustainable forest.

"We the People" of the Quinault, who know these landscapes like the back of our hands, feel that those who work in offices elsewhere have no business making policy decisions they know nothing about.  Decisions based on computer model projections with NO scientific evidence to back up their claims of an eco-disaster. Norm Dicks last news release quoted him as saying they based their decision by taking a poll from 500 "possible" voters.

60% for the plan and 2% undecided.

The other 20% were against

That shows you how far they reached out to the public. Only 500 peoples input and only some possible (?) voters. Input most likely from Quilcene, the main headquarters for the yuppie few.

"In case you haven't heard, it's quite stylish now to be green, though you'd be surprised at just how many do not practice what they preach, unless of course someone is watching. We know. We live here. And we pick up their garbage after they leave our area. After all there are no jobs available for  clean-up and there are no funds to provide for them.  So it is up to the residents of  Quinault and the surrounding communities to provide these services or allow our trails and roadsides to become trash collectors.

Norm Dicks and Patty Murray never once met publicly to address and face the 230,000 + residents that this plan would seriously affect. The very communities they have continued to force into poverty while looking the other way.

  According to the rules laid down by the Dicks/Murray plan is that the environmental party would designate restrictions to manage enforcement efforts of these new laws and boundaries they decide on. The Forest Service would meagerly manage what they are allowed to. They also stated that NO extra funding is to be given to forest service to do this. They are to do it on their current budget. Forest service currently has no budget. Forest service is broke,  a bare bones situation.  Kilmer/Dicks/Murray obviously haven't been paying attention.  Norm went so far as to state that Quinault has got to be stopped from logging operations that are destroying the environment and polluting the waters.
Norm was confused. There are no logging operations here. We are under strict protection.  The lands he was referring to were the Reservation lands off the highway 101 opposite Quinault.
 Norm could have used a lesson in geographical layout of these lands that appeared foreign to him. You'd think he would be familiar with the district he has had 36 years of jurisdiction over.  This man was incompetent and under educated to be making any kind of land decisions. He allowed and neglected 36 years of Olympic National Park backlog, allowing a $350 MILLION build up. It continues to climb.
  During this time he allowed the diking of Finley Creek (within the Olympic National Park) which continues to this day.  This has destroyed miles of salmon, wildlife habitat, public and private property on the South Shore of the Quinault River.  
  According to Kilmers plan, the Quinault Ridge is to be included in the Land Grab and the Quinault River to the "Wild and Scenic" designation. Above the damage caused by their fiasco.

  Wild and Scenic would likely take out the whole lower Quinault valley.  Congress is well aware of the destroyed lands and the cause behind it.  The cause? The help of Olympic National Parks "illegal" excavation of the Finley Creek watershed on an expired permit. Over 11 years of serious manipulation took place causing a complete changing of the Quinault River Channel AND they are still at it.

Total idiocy. Below is the Plan of the ignorant and unqualified. The 1st plan that they wanted to pass before the end of Norm Dicks election year to create the ..............
"The Norm Dicks Legacy".

2nd attempt by Dicks andMurray added 237,476 acres to the land grab including wild/scenic and buffers, Up from  Pews original proposed 210,000 acres for park, preserve and wilderness designation.
  Wild and Scenic went from pews original proposed 24 "sections" of rivers to Dicks and Murray's proposed 19 rivers and 7 main tributaries amounting to 26 whole rivers! It's called word play. Kilmers/Murrays plan reads the same. Kilmer claims that no buffers will be added. This is deceiving as Buffers Zones already exist.

  The final "last stand" by Dicks/Murray and the  Wild Olympics regime, was 126,000 acres of WILDERNESS designation ONLY along with 5,000 acres for POTENTIAL wilderness.

 We all know what "potential" means to this branch of the Federal Government.

  The adjustment to the the 5,000 acres of potential wilderness is where they HID  65 miles of roads to be removed, to close access! The not so sly Murray/Dicks group thought we'd never catch the added destruction to access.

Kilmer/Murrays Colaborative plan locks up 5

 School Trust land has been removed + Private Land for National Park Expansion with the "willing seller/buyer" hoax. The government now wants All the land for "wilderness" designation placing even more restrictions than the original land grab would have included.  
  Aside from what they tell you, there are no jobs in the wilderness. Wilderness is not maintained. Wilderness is left to eventually deteriorate. Wilderness is not making good use of the land.

   In order to Maintain healthy, living, sustainable and thriving forests, some care is required to prevent total depletion of plant life,  balance in carbon emission cycles,  disease, fire control and to protect the welfare of fish, fowl and wildlife habitat.  

Note:   What they aren't telling you is that removal of the "willing seller makes absolutely no difference. It was stuck in the original proposal to give us the impression Congress would be sacrificing this staged "give-in strategy" as a compromise. The Park always has slushed funds to buy more land (with our tax dollars). Always! Some of the other methods they use when the government can't legally buy land outright,  is  by the federal government  providing" Grants"  to big corporate environmental organizations (also with our tax dollars). These smaller shadow government purchases they call PPP's  Public-Private-Partnerships.  PPP acquired land is then turned over to the  federal government after a certain time frame.  Usually after the land value goes up,  adding to it's future value or in some cases after the resources are removed for profit. This provides both the conservation corporates and the park to legally prosper. Profit for the corporations and a higher assessed value for the park (in case they decide to cash in or gamble it away). They can do this. They have in the past. They probably will again in the future, depending on who is President and what the "sign of the times" brings them to make these biased decisions.
This is the only branch of the federal government that has the power to do so.  They can trade land for national debt or the resources on it, for instance. Any country could end up owning our states Federal land at this point. Were talking MOUNTAINS, full of our states resources.  Profit for the Park, Profit for the environmental parties and closed/limited access for the public use.

This is an extremely dangerous branch of federal power and a very frightening scenario can result under  this type of control.  Remember! Quinault is already strictly protected  under several different agencies. It is near impossible to break these protections  in any way, shape or form.  We feel they should leave it the way it is. The general population does not want, need or want to pay for any of this nonsense. We are in a crisis over a democratic regime that has gambled away and wasted our basic funding. Now they want to print up more for Park waste and mock programs. We have had a taste of what the federal government did during the government shut down.  They closed ALL access to ALL national Parks and Monuments and spent millions doing it.  They even denied Veterans access into their national Memorial site by barricading the area. This is not only pathetic but disrespectful of those who have served AMERICA. Why did they close these parks and monuments? To punish the public more for not agreeing with the Obamacare un constitutional disaster? Closing access? What did that prove? A REAL government shut down is THE GOVERNMENT DOESN'T GET PAID! Yet Obama and his congressional regime went on to do more damage behind our backs and behind closed doors. Senator Majority leader Harry Reid a well known shyster and Patty Murray the guaranteed  rubber stamper have done unrepairable damage to our state and nation. We have no room for socialistic Democrats who have continually and most aggressively shoved a nation of people aside, to pass devastating policies to end our free country (because of their gambling). Cantwell, Murray and Congressman Kilmer  must be removed!  If you don't want to face a "Concentration Moon" senario.  We waited and waited for Kill-mores light bulb to function over the foolishness in these proposed Wilderness policies. Below we will explain why he's not as sound in mind as we had hoped he might be. Another socialist democrat? He has shown his true colors.

If it's NOT broken DON'T try to fix it.   

  We demand they fix the broken lands they already own. Give us what we have already paid for! Up keep and access. The country is broke and the last thing we need or deserve, is extra debt for what they like to call treasures and jewels.  We are all just trying to pay  for our meager existence at this dreadful time in  history. Meager because the government has stolen our money and brought poverty upon us, gambled every cent of it away, just as they can gamble our lands away as they see fit. They have turned their heads on the widespread poverty and the unemployment they continue to cause. How dare they ask us for anything more? Look what they have taken and absorb what they have done.
Do we trust our current congress?


  We have no environmental problems here. The false alarms they are trying to create, is to leave an impression for the uninformed, that we are on the brink of disaster.  It's a lie. Plain and simple. No scientific evidence to justify these claims at all. ZERO!. Our air, water and land quality here is in exceptional condition and has been for over a century and scientifically proven, I might add. The federal government is after the resources to own and prosper from. Is this for  "We The People? NO! it is NOT for us.  All that we get is the extra tab. A huge tab!   We have paid all our lives for these lands to stay open for the "perpetual" recreational purposes it was intended for. We have also paid 36 years for maintenance and upkeep of these lands, we never received. Congressman Dicks neglected to do his job over and over again in those 36 years he's held his seat. Because of this neglect our ONP park has suffered $350 million worth of unattended to  backlog.   3.7 Million CRITICAL.  Norm did this all by himself, while "We the People" continually fought these federal agencies over this land abuse and their lack of interest to address them.
   We are outraged that this crook has even suggested adding more wilderness for the purpose of protection, to create a legacy for himself. Congressman Dicks was asking us to RE-purchase these public lands we already own and lock them up for the future, by robbing OUR existing livelihoods and OUR existing families future for generations to come. THIS IS CRIMINAL. No getting around it.  It's preposterous. Uncalled for. His last cry for fame and recognition. Kilmer (Dicks boy) has followed in the footprints of his mentor.
Kilmer, Dicks, Patty Murray and Cantwell fall into the same catagory as former commissioner AL (con) Carter.  All failures.
Als been working behind the scenes, fast and furiously hosting luncheons etc. for these Olympia-crats he's doing the Wild Olympics con-job with. Pathetic to say the least.

Aside from including in this federal LAND GRAB 19 major rivers and watershed areas
from the top on down + 7 tributaries,  this affects the rivers inside OR outside the Park.

Note: The congressional staff continuously stated publicly, as does the News releases, that these river designations would stop at the Park boundaries. They lied.   Many parts of the river designations run through private properties. They also stated private properties would not be affected. They lied. The enormous buffer zones also speak for themselves.

Pew DC group cried for  sections of 24 rivers, grabbing 40,000 acres along with them. These sections to equal
a total of 400  miles of river "Wild Scenic" and recreational. They didn't want much did they? At least those were THEIR sentiments.

Note:  No recreational land was mentioned in the Dicks/Murray final plan. Kilmer included a possible proposed recreation trail, with no funding for upkeep. Though he "promises" collaborative efforts. Volunteers? = More lost jobs.  Geek thinking?
 or just child politics taking the lead?
The D/M congressional aides also stated that Dicks and Murray ADOPTED this plan of Pews.  They lied.
 The Dicks and Murray aides worked right along with pew every step of they way under it's creation,  right from the beginning,  for 2 YEARS prior to presenting it to small segments of the public.  Kid Congressman  stated he wasn't familar with "Wild O;ympics" when elected.  He lied. He worked feverishly behind closed doors and behind the backs of the highly opposed taxpaypayers to "please" Patty and Norm for the favor of "placing" him in his elected (?) position, with lobby lunacy. The begging green minorities (government spongers), that the new  progressivedemocrat communist party pays for with  your taxdollars, to go out and scope, draw up plans for and start coalitions to convince citizens, that Federal Government intervention and OWNERSHIP is the only way to "save the planet".  We have seen this movie before (many times).  Hot air still remains the same main ingredient.  Washington State Congress who still carries the title of the 3rd most unproductive congress in the United States.  Naked dancers who boast their undeserved title, without any clothes.

They all conjured the plan together with Pew backed groups, to ask for "the works" so Congress could come back and look good by cutting out the things insignificant to them and of importance to us and the public.

This served as a muse for painting a lesser, but much prettier picture of Congress in the public eye, when claiming the new (?) Kilmer Murray plan was adjusted. Only the name Kilmer and the bill number had changed with a few old government bonus's reappearing from daddy Dicks' reign.
 Actually the final plan was alot more harmful. Kilmers plan has turned out to be obvious TRICKERY avoiding any discussion of his proclaimed new (?) wilderness plan.  A regular practice of our current administration and elected officials who take up space. Law breakers of our Constitution, abusing OUR Bill of Rights, who work behind closed doors and under the table.  Moving into a "progressive" fascist communist government structure.  For all pawns to becken too.  
Unfortunately,  Olympia has bred lizardry.  Little movement, dried up and desparately preying on us rodents of society, to supply them with their next meal and healthy paychecks.  What is being served up for you on your dinner plates? imaginary images of a full coarse meal? or another bone from your cupboard?  

Murray Kilmer Skulduggery
Blocks  Access From the Public,  Severely Restricts Hunting and
Fishing Access, Closes Roads and Trails.

 Dissolves Jobs, Forces Eventual Closures
 of our
   and Communities
in an attempt to Move Residents
Off The Olympic Peninsula.

 It is Geared to Raise your Taxes Again and Again.
Local, State, National, and now Global/World Taxes!
Hefty Entry Costs (and an array of other added fees).
Out For Blood Money (to put it mildly).
Banning the land and rivers that we all enjoy today.
OUR public lands. The public lands WE own.

   Protecting our existing working land base, our jobs and economy is vital to the lives of our Olympic Peninsula families who work and live here.  We DON'T feel shutting down our long existing communities, taking food off our tables and  sacrificing our  jobs , schools and the futures of our own children is a fair trade for park/wilderness enhancement.  

  The Park has proved poor stewardship of the estimated 1.5 million acres of the existing Olympic National Park including buffers.  95% already designated as  wilderness over 996,000 usable acres. A million people at once would have  near an acre to themselves, if all areas were occupied at once without interference. Highly unlikely but plenty of space just the same.  
Below are some interesting facts from Range Magazine of research done and written by Dave Skinner on "Tourism and Wilderness" in Olympic National Park:
  Forest Service did research  in 2006 (when the economy was in FAR better shape) when People still had some money to travel and spend, instead of struggling to survive. This research was to find out what most park visitors do and how they spend their money. 
Here is what Dave found out about 19,000 Forest Service visitors.

Over half of Forest Service visitors were "locals" traveling less then 50 miles.  Locals spent less. Even on overnight trips.  Most ate and/or bought gasoline.
Visitors that stayed in "off-forest lodging dropped $362 per trip.  Developed campgrounds dropped to $138. Undeveloped campers down to $115 per trip.  
Down hill skiers spent the most. Hikers, bikers and auto drivers spent the least.

Now Here is what Dave found out about
 "Wilderness" visitors.

The "National Park" visitor use profile nationwide for Forest Service from 2005-2009 estimated 198 million site visits. Only 6.7 million were Wilderness visits (3.4%).
For the Pacific region wilderness (that's us) only 5%.
60% of ALL user visits were less then six hours
70% were under six hours
80% under 12 hours for short day hikes.
According to the Michigan State University papers on the Olympic National Park visitation in 2000, out of 3.3 million visitors the vast majority of  2.1 million visitors were day trippers.
1.36 million were non-local day trips (mainly Seattle) who spent $45.21 per trip.

Only (2.3%) percent were campers and back country hikers spending about $24 per night.

Out of 78,000 in-park lodge guests -
spent an average of $244 a night.

Out of 68,000 out of park motel guests - 
spent an average of $198 per night.

75% of back country camping occurred June-September.  624 camped out in January.
Burrrrrrr! Now that's hard core!!!!!!!!

Keep in mind that today in 2015 costs have skyrocketed out of control with these same aministrators at the helm.  Gas, food and lodging have doubled and there is very little traveling and even less spending. Our  Olympia administrators have out taxed and out spend our once thriving State into UNDENIABLE poverty let alone the whole country.
The State and Federal Governments have taxed recreation at at alarming rate, by charging for useage. All State and Federal lands,
parks,  parking lots and designated roads all require a pass or permit to use. Park entry fees are also required.
Park campgrounds on the West End here in Quinault are  closed 6 months out of the year and closures throughout the summer months have been frequent. If you come to Quinault to camp, you'll have to take your chances. No money, No upkeep = closures. The few businesses with accomodations are un affordable for most. They also remain barely surviving from season to season.  Quinault is back country and remains so. Colonel Bob is already forest service designated wilderness with a main trail through it. A broken closed trail for over 4 years cluttered with blow downs left the trail impassible. No Dept of Interior funds were issued to Forest Service and chainsaws were not allowed to be used in the wilderness to reopen the trail passage for fear of disturbing the wild life and the quiet natural sounds of wilderness for a few weeks. Within the "Damage Done" section  linking on to these pages you will find the story behind the years of broken promises and nothing more, that Quinault received after the Wilderness moved in for the Spotted owl debacle. The largest and most disabling policy to enact, as it prevents maintaining a healthy living forest  environment from total depleting itself . We don't concider this preservation.  There is plenty of work in the woods to preserve a natural SAFE and HEALTHY environment for wildlife to thrive naturally in without leaving an intrusive footprint by us human endangered species, being trampled on by environmental extremists who spend their living spending our taxdollars to play in the park and prey on our homes and businesses. They have plans for our rural communities and we are not included in their plans.

So as you can see, there was are NO jobs or money to be made from  wilderness. The research by Dave Skinner was done during a period of better economic stability. Imagine the Impact now in times when our country is in shambles, with no improvement in sight.
Certainly nothing from those elected officials (?)
sitting in our State and Federal seats.

 Decomissioned trails or overgrown? They seem to meld into one and the same.  Park trails have continually been unattended in our area. Since 911 Forest Service has almost dried up as far as funds go, with the Wars and the Spotted Owl Myth having an enormous impact.

 The Dept Of Interior, Senator Patty Murray and Congresskid Kilmer (Dicks  pick)  feels more Park should come before  the lives of those who are jobless, hungry and (if not already) soon to be homeless. This administration doesn't govern they take. THEY ARE OUT OF CONTROL
They have put health and education on the "back burner" constantly throwing the future IN FRONT of the bus, only to put it farther UNDER the "Big Government" bus.
No business's of any kind can be established near land bordering Wilderness with  enormous land and river buffer zones and regulations that prohibit the like.

 In Quinault that means just about everywhere!  Only a few current business's exist now where they want to transfer Forest Service lands to National Park to designate as double protected wilderness. A senseless excuse to acquire Federal Ownwership. There is no such thing as EXTRA protection. Especially put in FEDERAL hands. Do a retake of what they have not done, $18 trillion dollars later.  They have added a climbing debt which is now costing you $1 Billion dollars a minute in daily interest rates. Kilmer calls this "moving in the right direction" while voting continually, against you, our economy and our future with his left hand. For your meal ticket? or for his?

 Corporate Aramark who have become "partners of the park" (PPP's) will be the only surviving business "left" as the others will be pushed out and forced to sell ("willing seller") due to all the bureaucratic red tape and stipulations that will be imposed on any private owners at a huge cost.  These costs, the small business owners cannot incur without an economy to support it. There is a big difference between Forest Service and Park. Forest Service and Park.

Forest Service provides many jobs maintaining healthy living  forests. They manage thinning and harvest areas in lands that were put aside for those purposes:  for wood sustainability and  wood products that we provide throughout our nation. Totally recycable and sustainable.
Forest Service provides wonderful recreational and sporting opportunities for ALL as it is, when provided funds to do so. It is vital these Forest Service  lands be kept OUT OF THE HANDS OF THE NATIONAL DECISION MAKERS .  This is our State.

This land was meant to benefit our State interests with proper natural resource management.  Congress refuses to look at the job killing economic impact surrounding the federal land grab for more wilderness vs. less meals on ones table.  Kilmer along with Green Party Patsy Partners have concentrated on adding higher costs, fees and taxes (much higher) to come to the aid of  more doomed wasted wilderness. Wilderness can decimate the health of  forested land to thrive. We want protection from damaging wilderness laws to keep those forests healthy and thriving if,  on occasion, that need should arise.
The National Parks BACKLOG has already  become  an overgrown meltdown in extreme  proportions, right along with our NATIONAL DEBT. The ONP backlog alone now reaches $500 Million. There's no time for dreaming of new UNNEEDED wilderness,  in a country being overrun by War, Poverty and an Invasion of millions of illegal immigrants.  Wouldn't you think Congress would be concerned about more important issues in todays world?

Obama was at it again adding $700 million more in 2012 to be added to the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) with the Gulf Oil Penalty Money for the next 2 years and there after ......(?) I wish I was Kidding.

Note: 2013 After Obama appointed Sally Jewel (REI president and CEO) as the "new" Secretary of the Dept. of Interior the orginal one time $900 million turned into $900 Million EACH YEAR to purchase land for the federal government. Jewel stated Obama would  use his power to permantly put these funds (from us) in place to be used anually to accomplish this! Congress will have to pass the presidents 2014 budget to allow it to be partially funded. In 2015 President Obama's budget will call for full funding.
This is Agenda 21 coming in full speed ahead and sweeping through our country by a Socialist/Communist seeking president. An imposter posing as a U.S. president with no American values. Now he has Jewel as a partner in crime against our public lands along with "party line" state and local Democrats currently holding seats in government.
FYI - There is NO freedom  in public lands in fascist or communist controlled societies.
Check out the links below for a look into the she devil millionaire from hell who hasn't yet woken up to the fact that our country is in an economic crisis. A hungry, jobless population of people are not into spending $900 million each year for more parks and park expansion. Not once does she/he mention the CLIMBING 
$11 Billion  National Park Maintenance Backlog we have paid for and never received. Leaving destruction behind from lack of stewardship yet boasting about what good stewardship the federal parks provide. More lies and guilty of neglect as charged.

Jewel Announces over $40 Million for State and Local conservation and recreation projects

More $$$ needed for Conservation efforts

Teton Land Grab

Slushing "Clean up" funds for purposes it was unintended for,  to buy up land for federal ownership. Recently the Senate  has tried to SNEAK IN a bill , by tacking these oil penalty fees (all in the millions) into the Hiway Transportation bill for the LWCF fund, to add to the already $900 million previously mentioned. A neferious way to operate.

These funds? YES,  we will pay for, at the Pumps and for every petroleum product we buy including plastics products ect.  They bottle and package most everything marketable with plastic. Even food products (aside from them being proven more unsafe then has been claimed). They are also NOT a bio-degradable product.
FYI- John Hopkins Cancer University has found numerous cases of plastic particles in Breast Cancer (from bottled drinkables).

The Oil Company's Pay each year to "legally pollute".  This money the government puts aside to buy "clean land".  ?????????? Does this make sense? to buy clean land instead of cleaning up the already damaged areas this money should be spent to do??????? Apparently our senseless President and our current senseless D.C.'s leaderless thinks so.  What's it to them? They don't care. WE GET THE STAB and the TAB. For years and years to come we will pay along with  future higher costs, with rapidly rising inflation around the deflated dollar. Absurd!
   Using the excuse of clean water shortage is a lame excuse, for a climate that receives more rainfall then anywhere else in the world!  Out to the ocean it flows.  There is no shortage of water here and we know of no plans to let it be harnessed.  No reservoirs, no storage facilities of any kind have ever been put in place, since the removal of the hydro-power plant that provided power to our local communities.

 It's highly unlikely that water storage would ever be considered. The EPA claims water collection of any kind is  damaging to the eco-system. Though our area recieves 15 ft. of rainfall annually the ongoing attempt to lock up these unpolluted waterways and meter our private wells on our private properties so we don't upset the eco balance and instream flow is stretching it way out of porportion. In the Rainforest? There is no problem with water here, PERIOD. Rich with rainfall our westend coastal climate areas are constantly cleansing our rivers and lands which create the lush forests and plant life that thrive here like weeds.
   Lets put the "green patrol" on a raft and send them out with the watershed drainage!  Guaranteed they will be taken out swiftly. They wouldn't be worrying about water shortage then, now would they?  Pollution usually happens DOWN stream in populated areas. Perhaps they should be concentrating on protection of those areas.
Quinault is not a populated area. It is an historical settlement of very small communities that have existed here way before the "Park" was ever thought of and we think it's time we were left alone.

Behind this Land Grab by the Federal Government, we have the Shoreline Plan calling for buffers around ALL Rivers, Tributaries,
Streams, Lakes, Ponds and even drain ditch runoffs all the way to the Ocean. In other words anything that resembles running or standing water on private property. Detrimental for land owners near any of these mentioned.  Huge buffers that will greatly reduce what's allowed  on your own private property. Forcing private property owners to tear down any structures and preventing any building or issuing of permits to build or use their property within these boundary buffers. Oh yes and we must not forget our  private wells we draw our water from on our private property.  EPA and DOE's false claims of ground wells upsetting the eco-system of instream flow here. OUTRAGEOUS! they are lying. One size does not fit all and Quinault is a far cry from the characteristics of an eco system drying up.
  Then we have the "Clean Air Act that is trying to outlaw the burning of Wood/ Wood stoves (because of chimney smoke) and the list goes on. It is VITAL you write or call your representatives and say NO to this non-sense. There is alot to be reviewed on the "
Wild Olympics Scam" website that would be to your advantage to look over extensively.  Weigh out the FACTS,  away from the propaganda you are being lured into, as an Olympic Peninsula resident and as a U.S. citizen of this country.  Email links to your elected officials appear many times throughout the sight. Most are accurate. If some don't work go to the Government website and connect with the officials you may have trouble with. For security purposes some can only be emailed through their websites. You can call any U.S.Congressman at (202) 225-2131 to leave your message on an issue. You can call any U.S. Senator at (202) 224-3132 and do the same. These Land Grab schemes are all issues the current administration is passing without public vote!  They will tally the numbers of those opposed.
 FYI - Make sure you let them know that their opinion
on  your matters of concern, have EVERYTHING to do with who you will vote for in the next coming election.
   Now go for it and have a great journey through the Wild Olympics Scam website. We must Vote Obama OUT to save our lives and livelihoods.  NO more squandering our money and NO more DEBT! Oust him and he can print up his own money at home on his own printer, try to spend it and find out it's real worth. The Obama regime would most likely pardon him if he got caught counterfitting, wouldn't they? After all the man has gotton away with treason against the American people. What's a few more trillion?
They all stick together, as we have seen with the recent Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare as being constitutional. The criminal Justice system players also need to be overhauled.
Refuse to give up your freedoms for the coming of  the UN takeover Obama is pushing to implement. Let Congress know you have had enough wasting our time and money on even looking into these UNNEEDED wilderness issues when our economic crisis is burying us alive already. Patty Murray keeps stating we must preserve our "Crown Jewels" Our "National Treasures". Yah sure ya betcha Patty. The old Roosevelt trick!

The following sections will help you understand the issues behind this proposal 

Wild Olympics Agenda

News Release Dec 2nd 2013- New developements from our new Democrat Congressman, Derek Kilmer! Norm Dick's pic of the litter. His endorsed puppet.
After over a year of dancing around the Olympic Peninsula's population in poverty with unanswered questions and concerns for reintroduction of the failed "Wild Olympics Plan" Murray promised to reintroduce this term.  He avoided any comment during his campaign and after he was elected (or should I say before he was bought in?). Kid Kilmer is one in the same and has stacked the deck with a bigger pack of corporate environmental thieves INCLUDING the Wild Olympics Campaign!!!!!!!!! How do ya like that folks? He held Mock town meetings claiming he had no knowledge of what the Dicks/Murray plan was all about. Though he worked in the offices of Dick's and Murray he played stupid as a muse for his "mock" public outreach. As you will see in his announcement,  just who he reached out too. Not one of his allies are voices for the peoples interests. They are ALL special interests groups. Some backed by member Sally Jewel herself. A couple of timber dupes sucked up for their interest in a one time temporary loose change thinning deal.  He' willing to spit back out of HIS Land Grab to the lucky loosers who will thin out the sticks of wood for his wilderness designation. His plan is basically the same as the Murray/Dicks and Wild Olympics debacle. No Wild and Scenic is attached at the moment.  He doesn't need it. Other federal regulations coming in 2014 plan on wrapping up the rivers for him. Out of the 126,000 acres 114, 000 will remain locked up for permenant wilderness.  Same plan different day, different name. Your new Congressman does not qualify to be running the 6th district. Though he says at 8 years old he was aware of the devastation the spotted owl had on the peninsula and working families. AT 8 years old? He understood what economic disaster was about? Well you know how Democrats are. Exaggerated talkers.

Kid Kilmer Out To Save The Wild Wild West

Kid Kilmer Out To Save The Wild Wild West


Kid Kull-more is out to save the already "wild wild west" for mentor Norm Dicks. A favor for a favor. Unfortunately Derek turned out to be an  incompetent decision maker. It was what we expected from the Democratic party. But, one can always keep their fingers crossed in hopes for a solid thinker. Unfortunately Kilmer has not panned out.  A child  mind should not be making world class adult  decisions. How plain and simple is that? 
  Not one of them can think for themselves. Most all depend on other incompetence to lead the way (in this case well organized green party groups that siphon government grants. YOUR tax dollars) Our Demo-demonic wild west administration either won't or can't read, they sure can't count and we've woken up to discover they can't hear or see. Kilmer and his dream teams are eating up our dime on foolishness. A story book fairytale in an aggressively complex world. Why should these collaborators care? They don't because they can't see past the next chapter. It's a "make believe/make up as you go fairytale, with a very "Grimm" outcome.
  Why should anyone have trusted the Kid Congressman to decide independently? Well,  we still kept our fingers crossed for an all thumbs down Congressman. Another Washington State blunder!
Wild Olympics (among other rubber stamped same-o policies) were obvious failures before he was ever elected. He knew Norm Dicks was forced to retire to save his face. Kilmer was very careful to avoid discussing his 2014 kill -a -
job plan, that had previously been debunked as nonsense with no substance. Aside from solid debilitating economical impact to the Olympic Peninsula residents and their families as a whole this comes with a permanent price tag and guarantee family wage jobs will not be returning. Kilmer has neglected his responsibilities as a Representative to rural American people.  He doesn't mind selling lives down the river for the next chapter in his childrens book.  He vows to go through with his Land Grab Wonderland Wilderness Plan.
Note: FYI- "Though Kilmer claims public lands gather too many "foot prints" he has No objection too the flood of millions more immigrants flowing into the country. He's all for it as long as they screen them closer at our open borders and provide them with proper lawyers, translators and educators to get them a free pass. To add to what he's already claimed to be a "footprint crisis"in our state and country?   Is this an oops? or is it incompetence"?

 Here is the 2014 Wild Olympics plan that has been up his sleeve. Stacking the deck. 
The Olympic Peninsula Collaborative

We get the tab on this grab after the left overs are thrown our way in return. He will soon be a millionaire thanks to Norm Dicks and is becoming quite comfortable amongst his democratic den of wolves. It's time to remove this guy before his seat gets to warm. He doesn't get it! We need to send him a clear message we've had enough park B.S. AND Corporate Environmental Buy Offs.  Send him packing with the rest of the "wild" wanting wolf-ettes.

More On "THE KID" 

The Wild Olympics Scam Supports Marty McClendon (R) for 6th District U.S. Congress in the 2014 November Elections. It is our pleasure to stand behind a REAL man to serve as a representative of,  by and for the REAL people.  McClendon believes less government better serves those whose needs differ on local, state and federal concerns. One size fits all policies are not calling him to his pen and his phone in dire urgency to sign on the dotted line.  We are proud to support a thinker and a seer. One who reads and looks for solidity in truth  and addressing  law that protects it.  He is aware of a justice system run amok in DC and knows the difference in Gods gift to mankind  vs. a One World Order stealing Gods gifts for self profiteering purposes.
Show the taker of Washington States public lands, water and jobs the door. Replace Kid Kilmer.

Vote Wisely Support Marty McClendon for U.S. Congress NOV. 2014

The opinions expressed on behalf of these candidates running in our Washington State November 2014 General Election
 are those of the Wild Olympics Scam 

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