Here is a list of DVD's  and Books of interest
These can be checked out through your local library or purchased online.

1.  911 In Plane Site: The Directors Cut       DVD

2.  The Great Conspiracy: 911 News Special You Never Saw     DVD

3.  911 The Big Lie     Book
    Author:  Thierry Meyssan

4.  Fahrenheit 911   DVD

5.  The 911 Commission Report:  Omissions and Distortions      Book        
     Author:   ?

6.  Inside Job       DVD     "an economy cooker"

7.  Free Lunch    Book    Understanding gungho Corporate smoozers and how                                               they bite heavily into the  taxpayers pocket books with                                           out you knowing it.. All for free".

The Spill      DVD    "Deal making and Savvy Marketing, Serial                                                                 Evironmental   Criminals"      

Gas Hole      DVD      "What the Oil Companies don't want you to know"

Liberty Defined    Audio Book    50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom.  Author: Ron Paul

The Perils Of Sustainable Development   Book    Author: Rene Holaday

Government Bullies    Book   Author: Rand Paul
The Carbon Trap Series  Book    Author:  Randy Dutton  
                        Book 1 The Carbon Trap
                                                Book 2  The Carbon Cross                                                               Book 3   The Carbon Crash           

Trickle Down Tyranny  Audio Book: Author Michael Savage
                                                 (what they call a neo-con extremist,fanatic)
                                                 how many democrats look at ALL republicans
        This book is an example of how both parties can have a scewed views (not humerous criticism)  meant to be taken seriously.
15.   The Democrips and RebloodricansAudio Book:  Jesse Ventura

The Invisable Empire    DVD Author: Alex Jones
17.   Police State 4 : The Rise of Fema      DVD Author: Alex Jones                               
18.   American Conspiracies: lies,lies & more dirty lies the Government tells us          Audio Book   Author: Jesse Ventura

Invisible Empire .............. DVD Author: Jason Bermas 
        The New World Order Defined

Scientists Under Attack .................. DVD Author: Bertram Verhaag                     Genetic engineering in the magnetic field of money

Farmagedon.............DVD Kristen Marie Productions 
        Over-reaching government agencies wage War on small farmers

Media Malpractice........DVD  How Obama got elected by targeting Sarah          Palin. A look at WHY mainstream Media fails to print true reports . The            editing that occurs and how BIG media takes the money and runs with it.          Skewing the reality of truth.

Death By China ............... DVD - One lost job at a time. 

Inside Obama's Presidency........DVD - informative Frontlines look into the first 4 years of the Muslim President.

 From MY REAL Father ........ DVD - A "take off" from Obama's original “Dream” book.  Interesting way to look at things. Includes his years with rebel ties and terrorists. Revolves around his VERY questionable upbringing by VERY questionable people. Digs deeper into the “RED’s”and communist ties and life with Frank Marshall Davis, whom had a HUGE  FBI file As a Threat and person of interest.600 pages. Also many years with convicted Terrorist federal building Bomber Bill Aires and Michelle Obama’s College friendship with Bill Ayres wife,  also convicted of terrorist related activities. After Bills release from Jail it shows an  interview with Ayres stating he was not sorry for the bombing that killed a police officer. The DVD’s speculation of staging a fraudulent Father is a possibility. Obama’s secret history has many missing links. Bill Ayres also claims he wrote “Dreams from My Father (the original book Obama said he wrote). Worth a look.

I Want Your Money .......DVD - Hilarious! and informative. Life under Obama regime.
27.  Unelectable ..............................DVD -  Glenn Beck

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