Thank You Pearl Rains Hewett for your submission below.
The GMA has become the BIG $$$$$$$ one now.
In House bill 1478 legislators said, DOE is going to run out of money.
Gregoire did some laws switching power and $$$$$$ to other agencies.

RCW 36.70A.490 Growth management planning and environmental review

 fund — Established.

The growth management planning and environmental review fund is hereby established in the state treasury. Moneys may be placed in the fund from the proceeds of bond sales, tax revenues, budget transfers, federal appropriations, gifts, or any other lawful source. Moneys in the fund may be spent only after appropriation. Moneys in the fund shall be used to make grants or loans to local governments for the purposes set forth in RCW 43.21C.240, 43.21C.031, or 36.70A.500. Any payment of either principal or interest, or both, derived from loans made from this fund must be deposited into the fund.


The GMA has become the BIG $$$$$$$ one now.
GMA Final decision on ALL SMP appeals
GMA Wetland
GMA WDFW, Habitat Area Protection (29 million acres in WA State)

The GMA requires the fastest growing counties and the cities within them to plan extensively in keeping with state GMA goals on:

  • sprawl reduction
  • concentrated urban growth
  • affordable housing
  • economic development
  • open space and recreation
  • regional transportation
  • environmental protection
  • property rights (NONE)
  • natural resource industries
  • historic lands and buildings
  • permit processing
  • public facilities and services
  • early and continuous public participation
  • shoreline management
GMA  Finding -- Intent -- 2012 1st sp.s. c 1: "The legislature finds that significant opportunities exist to modify programs that provide for management and protection of the state's natural resources, including the state's forests, fish, and wildlife, in order to streamline regulatory processes and achieve program efficiencies while at the same time increasing the sustainability of program funding and maintaining current levels of natural resource protection. The legislature intends to update provisions relating to natural resource management and regulatory programs including the hydraulic project approval program, forest practices act, and state environmental policy act, in order to achieve these opportunities." [2012 1st sp.s. c 1 § 1.]
Pearl Rains Hewett

RCW 36.70a GMA and Growth Management Hearing Board

The GMA is the NEWLY  APPOINTED 5000 pound GREEN Gorilla in Olympia
CLOSED MEETINGS with the NEW Attorney General  working/ploting  against us, in consultation with the Washington state bar association, AND, protected by attorney client privilege? 
(4) The process used by government agencies shall be protected by attorney client privilege. Nothing in this section grants a private party the right to seek judicial relief requiring compliance with the provisions of this section.
Just when we thought it couldn't GET ANY WORSE?
Pearl Rains Hewett
THE NEW Chapter 36.70a RCW


RCW 36.70A.370

Protection of private property.

(1) The state attorney general shall establish by October 1, 1991, an orderly, consistent process, including a checklist if appropriate, that better enables state agencies and local governments to evaluate proposed regulatory or administrative actions to assure that such actions do not result in an unconstitutional taking of private property. It is not the purpose of this section to expand or reduce the scope of private property protections provided in the state and federal Constitutions. The attorney general shall review and update the process at least on an annual basis to maintain consistency with changes in case law.

     (2) Local governments that are required or choose to plan under RCW 36.70A.040 and state agencies shall utilize the process established by subsection (1) of this section to assure that proposed regulatory or administrative actions do not result in an unconstitutional taking of private property.

     (3) The attorney general, in consultation with the Washington state bar association, shall develop a continuing education course to implement this section.

     (4) The process used by government agencies shall be protected by attorney client privilege. Nothing in this section grants a private party the right to seek judicial relief requiring compliance with the provisions of this section.

[1991 sp.s. c 32 § 18.]

THE NEW Chapter 36.70a RCW



RCW Sections 
36.70A.010 Legislative findings.
36.70A.011 Findings -- Rural lands.
36.70A.020 Planning goals.
36.70A.030 Definitions.
36.70A.035 Public participation -- Notice provisions.
36.70A.040 Who must plan -- Summary of requirements -- Development regulations must implement comprehensive plans.
36.70A.045 Phasing of comprehensive plan submittal.
36.70A.050 Guidelines to classify agriculture, forest, and mineral lands and critical areas.
36.70A.060 Natural resource lands and critical areas -- Development regulations.
36.70A.070 Comprehensive plans -- Mandatory elements.
36.70A.080 Comprehensive plans -- Optional elements.
36.70A.085 Comprehensive plans -- Port elements.
36.70A.090 Comprehensive plans -- Innovative techniques.
36.70A.100 Comprehensive plans--Must be coordinated.
36.70A.103 State agencies required to comply with comprehensive plans.
36.70A.106 Comprehensive plans -- Development regulations -- Transmittal to state -- Amendments -- Expedited review.
36.70A.108 Comprehensive plans -- Transportation element -- Multimodal transportation improvements and strategies.
36.70A.110 Comprehensive plans -- Urban growth areas.
36.70A.115 Comprehensive plans and development regulations must provide sufficient land capacity for development.
36.70A.120 Planning activities and capital budget decisions -- Implementation in conformity with comprehensive plan.
36.70A.130 Comprehensive plans -- Review procedures and schedules -- Amendments.
36.70A.1301 Request to amend urban growth area -- Timing -- Criteria.
36.70A.131 Mineral resource lands -- Review of related designations and development regulations.
36.70A.140 Comprehensive plans -- Ensure public participation.
36.70A.150 Identification of lands useful for public purposes.
36.70A.160 Identification of open space corridors -- Purchase authorized.
36.70A.165 Property designated as greenbelt or open space -- Not subject to adverse possession.
36.70A.170 Natural resource lands and critical areas -- Designations.
36.70A.171 Playing fields -- Compliance with this chapter.
36.70A.172 Critical areas -- Designation and protection -- Best available science to be used.
36.70A.175 Wetlands to be delineated in accordance with manual.
36.70A.177 Agricultural lands -- Innovative zoning techniques -- Accessory uses.
36.70A.180 Chapter implementation -- Intent.
36.70A.190 Technical assistance, procedural criteria, grants, and mediation services.
36.70A.200 Siting of essential public facilities -- Limitation on liability.
36.70A.210 Countywide planning policies.
36.70A.215 Review and evaluation program.
36.70A.250 Growth management hearings board -- Creation -- Members.
36.70A.252 Growth management hearings board -- Consolidation into environmental and land use hearings office.
36.70A.260 Growth management hearings board -- Regional panels.
36.70A.270 Growth management hearings board -- Conduct, procedure, and compensation.
36.70A.280 Growth management hearings board -- Matters subject to review.
36.70A.290 Growth management hearings board -- Petitions -- Evidence.
36.70A.295 Growth management hearings board -- Direct judicial review.
36.70A.300 Final orders.
36.70A.302 Growth management hearings board -- Determination of invalidity -- Vesting of development permits -- Interim controls.
36.70A.305 Expedited review.
36.70A.310 Growth management hearings board -- Limitations on appeal by the state.
36.70A.320 Presumption of validity -- Burden of proof -- Plans and regulations.
36.70A.3201 Growth management hearings board -- Legislative intent and finding.
36.70A.330 Noncompliance.
36.70A.335 Order of invalidity issued before July 27, 1997.
36.70A.340 Noncompliance and sanctions.
36.70A.345 Sanctions.
36.70A.350 New fully contained communities. SEQUIM WA.
36.70A.360 Master planned resorts.
36.70A.362 Master planned resorts -- Existing resort may be included.
36.70A.365 Major industrial developments.
36.70A.367 Major industrial developments -- Master planned locations.
36.70A.368 Major industrial developments -- Master planned locations -- Reclaimed surface coal mine sites.
36.70A.370 Protection of private property. (NONE ALLOWED)
36.70A.380 Extension of designation date.
36.70A.385 Environmental planning pilot projects.
36.70A.390 Moratoria, interim zoning controls -- Public hearing -- Limitation on length -- Exceptions.
36.70A.400 Accessory apartments.
36.70A.410 Treatment of residential structures occupied by persons with handicaps.
36.70A.420 Transportation projects -- Findings -- Intent.
36.70A.430 Transportation projects -- Collaborative review process.
36.70A.450 Family day-care provider's home facility -- County or city may not prohibit in residential or commercial area -- Conditions.
36.70A.460 Watershed restoration projects -- Permit processing -- Fish habitat enhancement project.
36.70A.470 Project review -- Amendment suggestion procedure -- Definitions.
36.70A.480 Shorelines of the state.
36.70A.481 Construction -- Chapter 347, Laws of 1995.
36.70A.490 Growth management planning and environmental review fund -- Established.
36.70A.500 Growth management planning and environmental review fund -- Awarding of grant or loan -- Procedures.
36.70A.510 General aviation airports.
36.70A.520 National historic towns -- Designation.
36.70A.530 Land use development incompatible with military installation not allowed -- Revision of comprehensive plans and development regulations.
36.70A.540 Affordable housing incentive programs -- Low-income housing units.
36.70A.550 Aquifer conservation zones.
36.70A.560 Viability of agricultural lands -- Deferral requirements -- Definition.
36.70A.5601 Viability of agricultural lands -- Ruckelshaus Center examination, report.
36.70A.570 Regulation of forest practices.
36.70A.695 Development regulations -- Jurisdictions specified -- Electric vehicle infrastructure.
36.70A.700 Purpose -- Intent -- 2011 c 360.
36.70A.702 Construction.
36.70A.703 Definitions.
36.70A.705 Voluntary stewardship program established -- Administered by commission -- Agency participation.
36.70A.710 Critical areas protection -- Alternative to RCW 36.70A.060 -- County's responsibilities -- Procedures.
36.70A.715 Funding by commission -- County's duties -- Watershed group established.
36.70A.720 Watershed group's duties -- Work plan -- Conditional priority funding.
36.70A.725 Technical review of work plan -- Time frame for action by director.
36.70A.730 Report by watershed group -- Director consults with statewide advisory committee.
36.70A.735 When work plan is not approved, fails, or is unfunded -- County's duties -- Rules.
36.70A.740 Commission's duties -- Timelines.
36.70A.745 Statewide advisory committee -- Membership.
36.70A.750 Agricultural operators -- Individual stewardship plan.
36.70A.755 Implementing the work plan.
36.70A.760 Agricultural operators -- Withdrawal from program.
36.70A.800 Role of growth strategies commission.
36.70A.900 Severability -- 1990 1st ex.s. c 17.
36.70A.901 Part, section headings not law -- 1990 1st ex.s. c 17.
36.70A.902 Section headings not law -- 1991 sp.s. c 32.
36.70A.903 Transfer of powers, duties, and functions.
36.70A.904 Conflict with federal requirements -- 2011 c 360.


Agricultural lands -- Legislative directive of growth management act: See note following RCW 7.48.305.

Building permits--Evidence of adequate water supply required: RCW 19.27.097.


Expediting completion of projects of statewide significance -- Requirements of agreements: RCW 43.157.020.

Impact fees: RCW 82.02.050 through 82.02.100.$$$$$$$$$

Population forecasts: RCW 43.62.035.

Regional transportation planning: Chapter 47.80 RCW.

Subdivision and short subdivision requirements: RCW 58.17.060, 58.17.110.


THANK YOU PEARL RAINS HEWETT  for the endless hours of research and dedication spent in providing the public with awareness of  the "Big Corp/Government Socialist/Fascist" green scam control policies in the making. The last attempt to strip all private ownership and public land use away from the population of  US citizens "for other purposes".  Pearls knowledge is, as CAPR13 Pres. Mr. Spees put's it,  "Beyond The Call of Duty".  We urge you to please help support these volunteer legal research allies "Citizens Alliance for Property Rights" (CAPR) and take a few bucks and throw their way. These volunteers are struggling to survive like the rest of us and are willing to share their hard earned knowledge to help preserve YOUR Constitutional Rights as a U.S. Citizen and  FREE American.  Spare what you can. Every PENNY helps in a PENNILESS society.  Please concider a donation or membership. The information they provide on a daily basis is invaluable in our fight against UN/US federal control over  OUR nation and the confiscation of our natural resources and land restrictions being forced on private property owners by denying full or partial use of it.  The U.S./UN Dictate Governments have NO existing legal right to do this.  The Re-elected are quickly working behind the scenes, out of public view to do everything they can to change our government policies to save THEIR jobs. They are thieves out to strip us naked, of all idenity and freedom. We are nothing more then THEIR mealticket and are regarded by them as such. 1.4 trillion added taxes have already been tacked onto next years hike (immediately after the elections) and that's only the beginning.
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