The Saga Of Kid Kilmer

Kid Kilmer
Out To Save The "Wild Wild West
Stacking the Deck in His Game of Pok'em Out.

      Lipity-clipity..... Kid Kilmer rides in on his donkey named Dem to save the people from

Hey don't trip on those spurrs Derek!  

 "Boy that was a long trip from Sue-attle" said the Kid. I'm rare'in to climb to the top of "The Hill" now! With lots of energy to spare, he got out his carbon meter to measure his carbon emissions, breath by breath. He wanted to make sure  to record it's status, to tack it on the list for his man-made global warming war budget pot.

"I'll do anything I can to help tax to the tune of filling the  warming vault currently emptied by my notorius D.C. gang of eight friends:
The Great American Bank Robbers. Yodel odel lay e who"

The Kid wasted no time.  After tying up his Dem ass (to make sure  he  didn't  leave any un-cloven  footprints) he went huff'in and a puff'in by foot, in a 'WILD' and crazy way to save the FUTURE.
He was on a "Treasure" hunt for "Slicky Dicks;" the man who gave him his job.

 Slicky Dicks is Washington States ex-congressman: WANTED by the people for robbery and shady dealings, using funds from the Dept. Of Interior's big Banksters to support his appetite. 

Getting a little thick around the belt and sporting an ever growing cranium condition, Derek wasn't sure how well balanced he would be upon arrival to the WILD Olympic Peninsula.

 "I'm expecting a big welcome from the small "wild" towns because I have come to save them all. I've got the the biggest lobbiers I could muster up to help me swing the deal. Wait  until I announce my plan" thought the Kid.  

Slowing down with exhaustion in all his excitement he removed his can of Rid from his holster, and gave himself a good spray. Emerging from the cloud of aerosol he undid his belt a notch or two, to release the pressure from his swollen colon.

"Yee haw! all that meat I've been eating since Slicky Dicks assigned me to his panel of thieves at the steakhouse, Them there mighty good lick'ins, is catching up with me.  He didn't bother worrying about the lice because they are natural in the wilderness.  But he felt it best to keep it hidden from the public. After all his NEW partners packed the little critters around with them everywhere, and he didn't want to let on that he too was infected. He was better off pointing his finger at other members in congress with critters because it was the Democratic way of doing things.  He was sure he could fool the small Olympic Peninsula towns-people that he wasn't like his counter paw-tners.  
I'll just kick my can of Rid right on down the road to hide the evidence, with all my other cans.  Yep! gotta keep those landfills a float'in. Yes we "CAN"!

"After all, I fooled those small town peons before by telling them I had no plans to re-introduce "The Wild Olympics/Wild and Scenic" for Slicky Dicks and my dear friend and cohort Patty Oak-ly Murray".

 Patty Oak-ly Murray and partner Slicky Dicks, are known as the Killer Duo that had previously been run out of 3 Peninsula Counties, conspiring a hit and run on all Natural Resource Banks, killing resident jobs as they laid blood on the trail behind them. They are accused of plotting theft against public and private assets; thieves by night and members of the Banded "Wild" Bunch,  the biggest band of Outlaws in the country. They're considered dangerous, leading an armed band of EPA, USFW, BLM and other pistol pack'in agents for security measures, wherever the next Heist took them.

"My plan is different and my lines are well rehearsed" Kid Kilmer thought. " Those dumb small town people like me, cause I always agree. I just don't let on to anything I've already carved in stone. If I did they wouldn't vote for me. I always play sides. I learned it in my favorite card game, called pok'em out. I've stacked my deck of cards with high roller D.C. lobbyists. Aces in the hole. Big Steaks. OOPS! Ah urh, I mean stakes! (don't wanna give my plot away). 

The Kid wants to earn a grown-ups badge to replace his freshman plastic non-decomposable one for a tin congressional model. Guaranteed to rust quickly.

" Soon I'll be toting a GOLD painted star, when I pass Slicky Dicks Wild Olympics/Wild and Scenic plan to put his legacy wishes into law. That will make me richer. I wouldn't want to go back to being a "Common". That's people stuff.  Why I learned everything I know from Slicky
Dicks. He's a real Gangsta! He sure taught me the tricks of the trade. Thank you Norm and Pat-sy poo. Yodel odel lady who"!

Due to the high altitude of 50 ft. above sea level The Kids big head started to get dizzy.  Sweating profusely, he activated the lice he had attempted to "silence" and became seriously ill from his clogged colon. The more he gloated? The more he bloated .

Rather then face the people he was about to Rob he tiptoed through the "wild" tulips back down the crumbling trail to find Dem-ass. He yodeled on back to Olympia where he delivered to the people of Washington State his great surprise. All wrapped up tightly, in pretty plastic packaging, with a big blue bow (made in China). "Nope I don't want to use paper. It's decomposable and renewable! I might not get my way if I admit I used a Tree. I'd much rather hug them than cut them. So I wrapped my gift to the people of Washington State in plastic! They'll love me!

"Yodel-odel lay he - Yodel-odel lay he -Yodel odel lay he who!"

This Is What Was In The Package for 2014
Door # 1

After a tidal wave of opposition
he announced

Door #2
"Wooe- e - Wooe-e - Wooe - Woop - Dee - Doo - Doo - Doo

"As sure as my Dem-ass is a lazy mule,  I vow to bring on
some more bacon takers for another planned feast"

"Nope! I won't give up"
"Nope! I won't listen"
"NOPE I won't discuss it!"
"Dem thar local yokels well just have to wait
for my next secret smoother mover".

"Cards Anyone"?
"Poke-em Out Twice"?
"I got my green deck all ready to go"!

"Ante up those  tax-pay-in bucks and give-a-way grants!"

Here's Door # 3


Time to Rein in the Outlaws in Town!

For Abusive Power

Pat-sy Murray

No Murray in November 2016



Prepare for the Kid Kilmers Capture in 2014

Norm Dicks "Bottle Baby" Derek Kill-more already has a barrel of strikes against,  his said "good intentions" his can has grown much bigger. He has not only aided in these environmental Federal Land and Water Grabs, he has voted YOUR tax dollars right out of this country into foreign hands ($Billions$). He has supported each and every Executive Order Mr. prezzi-dante has unconstitutionally made. He believes Obama has not violated any constitutional laws at all. He does not believe Obama has committed any impeachable offenses. He refers to them as disagreements.  
He believes the murders of our Ambassador and our Navy seals are not worth accountability. He neglected to show much concern over the alledged intentional orders to ignore our Ambassadors plead for help. SOUND FAMILIAR.??? Remember his counter paw-tner HILLARY? "What difference does it make?" Obviously feelings are mutual in Olympia. Hillary, do no wrong, is one of his colleagues. Sounds a bit more obamaish to refer to her as his paw-tner in crime. She's got a history in crime. SO? What difference does it make? Dereks motto has been "if we screw you, just turn the other cheek and let by-gones be by-gones". It's the "humanitary thing to do?
The Scam feels the humanitarian thing to do would be to fire him. Send him South of the Border to the country he wants to "save". They have wilderness there! full of his illegal friends on their way to the Banking Capital of the WORLD!!!!! Some were even given a FREE bus ticket to Port Angeles.

Kilmer supported the unconstitutional takings of your tax dollars and bloated insurance manates for ObamaCare (Un-Affordable HealthCare Act);  The hollow frame of the train wreck that is now billowing smoke so thick, NO amount of ghost funds can put out the fire burning under it.

Yet he boasts about being a great economist with a decade of study behind him? In what language? What Country printed the books he studied from? But ma-ma-ma-marx his words, he'll patch Congresses "leaky roof"! with no sweat. No Sweat? well now that's believable! I don't know about you but the only way we know of how to fix a leaky roof is to REPLACE IT!

"Tap Tap Tap"

The New KID on the Chopping Block

Maybe those long slow ass rides through Dem "green" pastures have caused Post "Dramatic" RE-press, hallucinations and dyslexia. Lets see what's $17,000,000,000,000 Trillion backwords? 000,000,000,000,17. Hmm. I'm beginning to understand his economics?
Should we disarm him of his "squirt" gun?

He can't  count the peoples bank he'd rather rob them (like the big boys do). He can't count money thats not there to count. He can't even count how many in Congress
are kicking the can down the road.

No matter how he attempts to count them, he always comes up 1 short.

HIMSELF maybe?

Should Kid Kilmer go back to school and study some more?
From an American book, written within the
Constitutional American language?

Unfortunately for Washington State The Kid has to take up space, time and funnel money until November 2014. We can then kick his CAN down the road and replace him with sensibility. Will he be able to figure out the math by then? of his economic plan? or how the $1 Trillion his paw-tner Murray delightfully added to our nations tab this year will be paid off?  The Big Spending Budget Queen?  Or is he calling us all stupid?
 I guess this is the "Norm" for the Kid.

Another Leg-I-See
Petal-ing spurs for profit.

Have you been poked yet? or are you behind the game? There's even a reward if you win against his  stacked deck of green cards. A plaque dedicated to you by the Kid himself! to apologize to you, for being born a free greedy American. As a Bonus (if you're a taxpayer) you will receive
A Real Cow Pie
From  the D.C. Pot-luck
A "common" WH custom and Michelles favorite give-a-way recipe!
It's called shit'lins and biz-cuts.


As Kid Kilmer looks over the Olympic Mountains above (in a his very dizzy state of exaustion) from a whopp'in 500 ft., he  feels the mist starting to migrate down from the clouds.
 "Hot tamale! Whew! I gotta get me and my ass back to dodge! before I get washed away. I could use one of them D.C. umbrellas right about now. Our Militaries new weapon. A substantial replacement for our second amendment, dontcha you think"?
"Yep! that migrate'in rain a blow'in in reminds me it's bout time for a mosey down south to greet our new migrate'in friends. Why I could sure use a vacation in tacoland bout now. Don't have to mozey to far though, cause I helped bring Mexico here"!

"Holy Guacamole! I could giv'em a help'in hand. Might want to fix 'em up with a bank roll. If I run low on doe I'll just steal more from Americans who work. Heck we can set'em up with Grub,  and a place to park their Nikes. My paw-tner Patsy Murray has a cache of Nikes to give away, with plenty of tread! (barely worn). This is her way of sharing her wealth.  She ain't doin to much runnin these days. She's busy do'in over the taxpayers instead (teehee).
"Yep! come on in!",  I'll tell'em to,  grab their mothers cousins and their brothers too! Plenty of empty houses we can give'em ! Rent Freeeee!  We taxed Americans out of their homes. Take your pick! Gotta lotta car repos too! Just the right size for a smug'lin family of 12. I better be look'in for some spy phone service so I can call my Gangsta boss in D.C. Maybe I can save taxpayer Airforce 1's fuel costs for D.C.'s next drop".
If I make the trip fast and furiously I might get a brownie button for my covertly done dirty deeds, to go with my gold painted star and eco-bully badge, I'll earn when I swing the land grab deal from those small town peninsula folks. I've always wanted to be popular. I will do anything to anyone that gets in my way.  The Phone and Pen is a great gig. I picked that trick up from my Gangsta boss. What ever goes? I'm in."
Va ba ba Boom! La coocah raunch-cha! La bomb-ba!
Fiesta Time!!!!!!!!!
 "Low-bama will even supply, your tequilla"!
"Maybe he'll be giv'in  away somberos at the WH Christmas Ban-Ball.
I hope I get one. Then I can be a Mexican Cow-Poke too!

Marty McClendon for Congress
6th District U.S. House of Representatives

Time to dump the drip and put a Man in a Mans job.
Vote Smart for the Smart Guy
McClendon for Congress 2014
He could make all the difference in the world!