Letter to the Editor
August 28, 2011

In the August 23rd addition of the Aberdeen Daily World

Al Carter attempted to sort out fact from fiction

Ron Armstrong did a great job of sorting out several of Mr. Carter’s fact/fiction points, and I will discuss a couple of the others.

    Mr. Carter says our claim that the Wild Olympics is a $900 million land grab is fiction.  Our Lake Quinault community group is distributing the popular red and white anti-Wild Olympic campaign signs.  We wholeheartedly support the Working Wild Olympics (WWO) organization, but they have absolutely no part in either the signs or their distribution.  There are those among the WWO that feel that we are “fanatics” in this battle, and our signs are a mistake.  Nevertheless, we respect, appreciate and support their efforts in preventing the Wild Olympics debacle.  Our signs state:


   We want to stop the Wild Olympics Campaign.  That is a fact, Mr. Carter.
President Obama is proposing to congress to double spending to $900 million, in the 2012 budget for the Land and Water Conservation Fund used to buy property.  This is $900 million per year until 2040 and possibly beyond, mostly used for the National Park System. That is a $900 million dollar nation-wide land grab.  The Wild Olympics campaign is a part of that land grab.  That is another fact, Mr. Carter.

   Mr. Carter thinks it is fiction that Wild Olympics will “grab” our homes and private property. The Wild Olympics campaign might not, in itself, grab our homes and property, but it will most certainly make it easier for the federal government to do so in the very near future.  The north shore of the Quinault Valley was included into Olympic National Park in 1938 by presidential proclamation.  There were over 4,000 acres of private land that had been homesteaded in the 1890’s.  Over the years the park has “acquired” all but approximately 200 acres.  I will spare Mr. Carter my opinion of the park’s abuse of the “willing seller” method of acquiring land.  It is criminal, and that is another fact!  You are an ex-commissioner.  I would assume that you know that this 95% loss of tax base had a devastating affect on both our school and our county.  This is history that you should know and understand.  This is a land grab, and again, a fact!

   Mr. Carter says that our claim that the Wild Olympics won’t come to the table is fiction.  Let me end this by telling you a little known fact.  Over a year prior to bringing Dan Bohoelt to “his dining room table”, Commissioner Carter was discussing supporting the Wild Olympics with fellow Commissioners Mike Wilson and Terry Willis.  He wanted the Grays Harbor County commissioners to sign on with him as supporters of this fiasco without so much as a word of it to his Grays Harbor constituents.  This was over a year prior to coming to “the table” with Dan. Mr. Carter would have signed Grays Harbor on as supporters of the Wild Olympics campaign without a word to any of us, had it not been for the common sense of the other two commissioners, and the uncovering of the Wild Olympics campaign by Dan Bohoelt and Harold Brunstad.  This is another fact!

Here is my final fact Mr. Carter. The man who defeated you, Herb Welch, is up front and honest with his people.  That’s why you are an ex-commissioner.

Keith Olson
Quinault resident