WSRP State Committeeman/Grays Harbor County

Jim Walsh

Shares his comment on Derek Kilmers Re-introduction of Wild Olympics
"The Norm Dicks Legacy"
(Vultures of a feather flock together)

So, Democrat Rep. Derek Kilmer has sponsored the latest version of the “Wild Olympics” bill. This action proves his talk of being undecided a lie. And his defenders are reduced to claiming that Kilmer was “under pressure” to change his stated position. Their defense underscores the weakness of the man.

Wild Olympics is a big government land-grab and power-grab, conceived in corruption by Kilmer’s disgraced predecessor. Worse than that, it’s a “dog whistle” which signals to businesses and private-sector jobs that they aren’t welcome.
Here on the Peninsula, we are blessed with abundant natural resources. These resources made this region an economic powerhouse 50 years ago—and can make us one, again. But we have to change some things first.
History moves in cycles. We’ve come to the end of the cycle when Democrats like Derek Kilmer supported real working people. Now, they’re puppets of special interests like radical environmentalists and government-employee guilds. These extremists have been working against our economic interests for years. It’s time to say “enough.”
This fall, get rid of self-important bureaucrats who think they know how you should work and live. Put an end to crooked schemes like Wild Olympics. This is the road to real economic recovery and good jobs, including good union jobs, returning to this area.
Let our loggers log. Let our fishermen fish. Let our builders build. Let our Ports export. Unleash the power that’s right here among us.
--Jim Walsh, WSRP State Committeeman/Grays Harbor County