Comments  By Karl Spees

Comments on Scamnews
Our wealth comes from the Land.
Without a thriving economy we risk vulnerability from foreign powers who are more pragmatic.
Without a healthy economy we cannot have the luxury of things like the ONP. (The ONP is big enough.  They get enough of our money already.) Economicly crippled countries do not have the resources for good stewardship of the land, water, and air.
I like the informational segments of the second letter. 
 Lies and deception by local businesses need to be exposed and the businesses boycotted.
I also like bits of the history of governments actions beneficial and destructive. I wanted to be truthfully and fairly educated on the issues.
We need some regulations but they need to be broad and as simple as possible.
In the WOC there is no room for compromise.  It needs to be stopped and some of the previous dysfunctional policies reversed.  
The dysfunctional non-representative  bureaucrats need to be put out of office.