Response from Wa, State

 U.S. SenatorMaria Cantwell

"Thank you for writing me about the Enchanted Valley Chalet. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue and sincerely regret the delayed response".  

"As you know, the Enchanted Valley Chalet, built in 1930, is a wooden lodge located in the backcountry of the Olympic National Park and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Recently, the stability of the Chalet has become at risk due to erosion along the banks of the main channel of the Quinault River, which has undercut the structure of the Chalet.  
The U.S. National Park Service is currently in consultation with the Olympic National Park staff, local stakeholders, and regional preservation organizations to determine the best approach going forward. Please be assured that I will continue to monitor the situation closely and I will keep your thoughts in mind should I have the opportunity to consider this issue in the future.  




"I believe we have a responsibility to protect our state and nation's rugged natural beauty and pristine and historic lands for the collective benefit of current and future generations. From expanding Mt. Rainier National Park, to creating the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park at the mouth of the Columbia River I have worked tirelessly to preserve our amazing natural treasures while boosting Washington's recreation and tourism industries at the same time"



Everything is closing.
Roads and Trails are continually being decomissioned

Maria Hopes to build a  


"for the Collective benefit" ? "Treasures" ?

When was the last time Maria checked ? 

TOURISM IS DOWN and has been for years!

Whats's the point? Everything is in disrepair or closed.

Maria goes on to say she will be doing more to add to the federal cache....

" I have also opposed making the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge available for oil exploration, and introduced the Roadless Area Conservation Act to protect 58.5 million acres of our nation's last remaining pristine forestlands, including two million acres in Washington State".

Thank you again for contacting me to share your thoughts on this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I can be of further assistance.

Maria Cantwell
United States Senator

For future correspondence with my office, please visit my website at

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As you can see from the letter above Maria 's  Prime concern is NOT the Chalet.  Maria wants to save the "pristine" wilderness and rivers. Their is no intellegence here. Letting the rivers create destruction of the lands around the river is foolishness. The damage has been extensive.  Rivers can be maintained with very little disturbance to the environment. Why wasn't this done? HANDS OFF THE "wilderness"? even if it will save erosion of our "pristine" lands and  fish habitat? Senselessly neglectful. Stupidity at the helm.

Maria is all about locking up public lands. Roadless areas to the tune of 58.5 MILLION acres , including 2 MILLION acres alone,  in Washington State.. You'd think that might be enough?
Evidently Maria doesn't. Remember she is working "tirelessly", for the "collective" aka  the lobbyists will echange votes for more funding grants to aid in the land grabs and water scams.
Maria backs Obamas Land Grab 150%. A full supporter of "Wild Olympics" and anything like it. Maria works hand in hand with the green party puget sounders and the Tribal governments to screw. To squandered your funds, by swinging deals with both parties.


Maria has been the charge card that, will be paid for by future generations. She doesn't pay the bills. She only decides what she will shop for.
Maria has indebted Americas future  generations by deeding away OUR public lands for federal brownie points. Tribes most probably will be raked into the coals a bit later in the government game of federal rake and take.
The Tribal counsel can look back in history and know that it was the very government we all had to deal with that were responsible for the selling out  their own people. You play with wild fire? you play with the devil.

As we shake our heads at the governments intrusion. The tribe sues and settles and have their hands out for more money and land. Using the tribe as a lure to "bait and hook" their  futures with promises, Then take their reservationtions.  Senator Cantwell has also spewed sympathy and duty amongest the American people making promises MEANT to be broken.

The American people are finally waking up to smell the "mud" brewing in pot of the Olympia offices.  Why are the tribes being given more money  then ever at this point in time? in times more devastating then the great depression? because of  poverty, health, education and welfare? to a nation that pays no federal tax? a sovreign Nation? Because they CAN and will shop for a way in. The tribes need to realize that WE Americans are fighting for our trust lands as we speak. What has happened? Are they being given our trust lands? What will they do when it's time to give up those trust lands? Will they ask "We the People" for help? or will bridges be burned after peter gets robbed paul? and paul has nothing left to be stolen?
I think they are now burning their bridges in hopes for anymore support from us. Would you support or trust someone who stoled from you when your back was turned? The U.S. government has brought WAR upon the people, The tribal council has brought WAR on their people. The environmental gold diggers have brought WAR on the environment. It is a WAR ON WILD and your in it whether you realize it or not. or not. A cluster of Federal Angencies (DoE, EPA, WSFW, BLM ) the United Nations, the Tribes, the Environmental green party lobby looters and our Washington State Representitives are all sipping tea together.  
Listen to the conservative message. What does a RE-public mean? To give the people what they have paid for.. It is important we replace the turncoats who are only interested in dialing for your dollars, erasing all past traces of history on the olympic penisula and rewrite the books of the future. Refusing to recognize the importance and historical significance the Enchanted Valley Chalet  served to valley residents ever since it's construction. stop these over-reaching authority figures that trample the rights we were granted. Nothings changed we still have those rights. But the law makers have become the law breakers We can change that by letting them know THEIR TIME IS UP. Vote wisely. It's youtr freedom your loosing.
Scam Summary
Maria Cantwell - PattyMurray and Derek Kilmer?


Representatives ***************************************************************************************************************************************

6 Fairy May-Dones All In A Row 

Dooing-Up Our Beautiful National Road System 
Since 2007
So we won't step in their SH*t
Knock knock
Who's there?
Can't-well  who?
Can't? Can't ?...Well....Can't do well by you 
     Can't  do Well to maintain roads
Can't do well with a budget. Patty thinks we should raise the debt limit a trillion.
Can't.....WELL....I CAN'T disappoint Patty

Could you please direct me on how best to Decommission "Road Access?"

so no one well notice?

BELOW: Shared by Pearl Rains Hewett - Behind My Back  Thank You Pearl

The commentary and Text of Letter to the 

Secretary of The Dept Of Agriculture 

concerning Road Closures


Cantwell working on "IT" for years

Who are these people???

Backlog grows by $8M yearly; neglected forest roads

cause environmental damage and jeopardize salmon runs      

Who let the roads go to hell Maria?)

WASHINGTON, DC – Friday, U.S. Senators Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Patty Murray (D-WA) along with Congressmen Norm Dicks (D-WA), Brian Baird (D-WA), Rick Larsen (D-WA), and Jay Inslee (D-WA), sent a letter to Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns asking the U.S. Forest Service to improve maintenance of the deteriorating forest roads in Washington state.


Yah-Sure U-Betcha!

The Forest Service is responsible for managing over 22,000 miles of roads in Washington and over $300 million alone will be needed to maintain the existing roads, replace culverts, and decommission old roads. Currently, $3 million is spent annually on road maintenance in the state’s national forests, while the backlog of deferred maintenance grows by $8 million each year.

"We believe that the federal government must promptly take the actions necessary to reduce the harmful impacts of deteriorating Forest Service roads," wrote Cantwell and her colleagues. "There needs to be a clear plan that identifies what has to be done to achieve an ecologically and fiscally sustainable road system that reasonably meets the future needs for public access and agency administration."

Maria failed to see this was done.  Where did the funds go?  

Cantwell is the primary Senate champion to preserve America’s remaining roadless areas, and has made the protection of these lands a priority since taking office. On May 24, Cantwell and Senator John Warner (R-VA), along with Inslee, reintroduced legislation to protect 58.5 million acres of roadless national forests, including two million acres in Washington state. The bill will enable the Forest Service to tackle the estimated $8.4 million backlog of road maintenance in the existing road system, and prevent the building of additional roads that would only exacerbate the problem.

Maria failed to see this was done.  Where did the funds go?  


Tip Toeing through the tulips.

on your TAB

Text Of Letter to the Secretary of The Dept Of Agriculture 

June 29, 2007

The Honorable Mike Johanns
Secretary of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Agriculture
1400 Independence Ave., S.W.
Washington, DC 20250

RE: Forest Service Roads

Dear Secretary Johanns:

We are very concerned about the decline in the health of national forest watersheds due to the poor condition of U.S. Forest Service roads in Washington State and across the nation. As you may know, the Forest Service is responsible for managing 380,000 miles of roads nationally, including over 22,000 miles in Washington. Due to inadequate funding, storm damage, and neglect, many of these roads are deteriorating and causing serious environmental damage.

Maria failed to see this was done.  Where did the funds go?
In Washington, neglected Forest Service roads are jeopardizing state and federal efforts to restore salmon runs in Puget Sound and elsewhere. Road culverts block fish passage on hundreds of streams. Badly maintained Forest Service roads in Washington resulted in more than $30 million in damage from severe storms in November 2006. Impassable roads also diminish access to trailheads and the outstanding recreational opportunities that millions of Americans seek in our national forests.
Maria failed to see this was done.  Where did the funds go?  

The Forest Service estimates that it needs several billion dollars nationwide to maintain existing roads, replace culverts, and decommission old roads, including over $300 million in Washington. However, the Forest Service is spending just $3 million annually on road maintenance in Washington’s national forests, while the backlog of deferred maintenance grows by $8 million each year. The Forest Service has acknowledged that, at this rate, it will fall far short of complying with a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Ecology to comply with Clean Water Act requirements and road maintenance standards by 2016.

Maria and colaborators failed to see this was done.  Where did the funds go?  

Unfortunately, the Administration’s budget request for FY 2008 will significantly worsen the problem of Forest Service roads. Nationally, the budget proposes a 31 percent cut in Forest Service road maintenance, while road decommissioning will decline from 682 miles in 2006 to 375 miles in 2008 – a 55 percent reduction. At the same time, the budget proposes a 184 percent increase in funding for timber sales in the Pacific Northwest. These budget proposals reflect a serious misallocation of resources to address Forest Service management issues in Washington and nationally.
 Maria and colaborators failed and threw in a chump deal of 184% increase for timber harvest. 184% of zero equals?
 What funds where actually produced? and where did those pennies go?

We believe that the federal government must promptly take the actions necessary to reduce the harmful impacts of deteriorating Forest Service roads. There needs to be a clear plan that identifies what has to be done to achieve an ecologically and fiscally sustainable road system that reasonably meets the future needs for public access and agency administration.
To this end, we ask that you provide responses to the following questions. In your responses, please provide information for both Washington State and the nation.

What are the current estimated costs of deferred road maintenance, culvert replacement and repairs, and road decommissioning? How have those estimated costs changed since 2000, when the Forest Service estimated $8.6 billion in road needs? To what extent are those changes due to better road information versus reduced maintenance standards?

What process does the Forest Service use to identify road needs? How complete is the analysis? Does the analysis identify roads that should be closed and decommissioned? Please provide this office the specific data on Washington's national forest road needs.

How convenient for Maria and her colleagues? No actions. No road repair.

What are recent trends and current conditions of Forest Service roads with respect to (a) compliance with road maintenance and construction standards in forest plans and state-adopted Best Management Practices under the Clean Water Act; (b) impairment of water quality and habitat for salmon, trout, and other aquatic life, including impediments to fish passage; and (c) the extent to which lack of maintenance has led to the forced closure of roads to public access.

How convenient for Maria and her colleagues? No actions. No road repair.
Assuming the Administration’s FY 2008 budget request to fully fund the Northwest Forest Plan, to what extent has the agency requested funding for other, non-timber aspects of the Northwest Forest Plan, such as culvert replacement and road decommissioning for watershed and aquatic restoration?

What is the Forest Service’s strategy to come into compliance with the Clean Water Act through reducing deferred maintenance, replacing culverts and decommissioning roads to a level that the agency can afford to maintain?
What are the likely hydrological impacts of global climate change on the Forest Service road system and associated aquatic systems? How does the Forest Service plan to address these impacts in terms of the size, design, and long-term maintenance of the road system?

How convenient for Maria and her colleagues? They already know there is no funding. They will have to take No actions. No road repair.
Therefore they have succeeded in the real agenda they are seeking.
An effortless job to let unmaintained roads decomission themselves.

Where did all the funds go?
Say what?
A trillion dollars? and not a penny left in the pot that's been peed in?
or for the people who've been peed on?

We would appreciate a prompt reply to these questions, and I look forward to working with you to address this serious problem of Forest Service roads and to restore our national forest watersheds and ecosystems.


Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray, Norm Dicks, Brian Baird, Rick Larsen, and Jay Inslee.


Cantwell-Murray- Kilmer (dicks trained replacement) -Baird- Larsen and yours truley Jay Inslee Governor (A "Tiny Tim" groupy that dreams of tip toeing through the tulips with green party lobbyists).

   Save The Environment and Clean Out
Our House

Maria has continually voted against rural America. She and her counterparts don't feel we should be able to own land and reside here on the peninsula. Unfortunately we are stuck with her extremism a couple more years.  Please stay updated on the policies she will be backing through 2016. She has voted down every constitutional land issue we have faced.  
Is Maria on the peoples side? We don't think so.
 Just another millionaire bucking for MORE.

Note 2014: Cantwell  has refused to take action to save the endangered "The Enchanted Valley Chalet" which was added to the National Historical Registry in 2001
Cantwell was not interested in addressing her obligation to save this hand built structure, built by the early pioneers, because it is man made. She is more concerned about disturbing the acre of land that is left surrounding the structure, because it is in the wilderness. The Wild river took the previous mass of the alpine meadow the chalet sits on OUT. All that land is GONE! Poof! and she's trying to let the rest go.

 Low mentality in high positions,
are the cause for this environmental disaster
and possible loss of a very important part of Quinault's history.

When It comes to saving the Olympic Peninsula Pioneer "Heritage"
 that wilderness designations moved in and around,
 Congress would rather
Let the "wild" river consume it.
By leaving no footprints in the wilderness.
even repairable ones

Wilderness is a problem
Wilderness carries with it neglect to protect

Wilderness allows environmental damage to occur without repair.
Wilderness allows wildlife habitat to deplete around it.
Wilderness is allowed to die-off
Wilderness laws have destroyed the most beautiful
 road systems in Washington State.
Wilderness has destroyed hundreds of thousands of forestry jobs
Aside from what they will tell you

After all Sec. Of Interior Sally Jewell wants to promote  REI gear
Buy it up
Then try to find a place with access to use it.


Wilderness retricts recreational access.

National Parks Burn

Burning Up the West: Feds and Greens Cause Catastrophic Fires

House Committee on Natural Resources: Forest Health and Wildfires

Examples of  Wilderness Fires in 2013
Rim Fire - 77,000 acres in wilderness

8.865 Bitterroot Forest

Bear Butte Mount Jefferson
Wilderness  40,815 acres

Table Rock wildfire has burned approximately 2,600 acres

Weminuche wilderness area, 109,615 acres


Congress is responsible for neglecting our wildlands.

Wild Olympics will allow them to neglect more.

More wilderness and roadless areas

is Congress's  excuse to do nothing!

Congress has allowed our respected lands to go to ----.

The Scam thinks Congress should go to ----.
We'll let you fill in the blanks.

In 2017
Murray- Kilmer-Inslee-Van de wege and Tharinger in 2016

Each and every non- representative above has worked, in total  collaboration with each other, as if they were ONE entity. Wining and dining from the benefits of our demise.

 Frivolous spenders who've engaged in throwing American tax dollars to the "chicken littles". These administrators, during their duration in office, have indulged heavily in climate change and "save the environment" fraudulent  shopping sprees.  A brand new tax scheme to attach an additional tax to all other taxes.  Wow!  Another hit and run job.

Not one of these pirates have governed on behalf of the people that pay their wages. They've served as the # 1 job killers in Wa State and across our nation, in defense of  environmental extremism. They have moved swiftly in their wildlands plan to design a new world park, free from any cultural history that might resemble more prosperous times when lives were more meaningful and dreams reachable. They believe the sky won't fall in if they
remove the history, remove the jobs, remove the people of any trace. In order to save Quinaults last piece of physical history, the Enchanted Valley Chalet, the people may have to remove the history of these disfunctional representatives, remove them from their jobs, and remove some of the most damaging legislation ever to see the light of day.

Where did the $Trillions go?