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None of the UN PROGRAMS in the USA can be legally enforced, regardless
of what revised codes have been passed in your State.

From wikipedia:

“……an international accord that is inconsistent with the U.S.
Constitution is void under domestic U.S. law, the same as any other
federal law in conflict  with the Constitution. This principle was most
clearly established in the case of Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1 (1957).”

Hello Everyone,

In my latest lecture in Republic, WA to the Ferry County Tea
Party, they shared with me that 2 different people just had sons who
joined the military and were asked to swear an oath of allegiance to
both the USA and also to the United Nations.............ARE YOU
In case you fail to realize the staggering meaning of this, this
means that the UN has just pulled a complete coup over the control of
our military without a single battle, and guess who is now the enemy?
The new enemy is every single freedom loving American patriot who
wants our nation to remain sovereign.
It's already been declared that patriots are "terrorists", and
that can only happen when we are in the process of being conquered by
a foreign government, which we are in fact being quietly conquered by
the UN as  we speak.
THEIR form of governance has slipped itself into
every city, county, and state across America, which is called "The
UN's Sustainable Development = Agenda 21" We are being quietly
conquered without so much as a single shot being fired.

Here is the stand that I am asking each of you to make: It is SO
SIMPLE, and it will cause you no danger or harm to do this, yet it
will be very effective as this campaign plasters the face of the
countryside from east to west, north to south. This simple stand will
start to wake up our nation's elected officials.

I have attached a UN flier that a friend sent to me that I would
like for each of you to print out full size and start posting on
billboards in all your own areas. Take these fliers to all your local
meetings and hand them out also. Hand them out at the local County
Fair, hand them out to people anywhere that they will let you. Ask
everyone you hand them to to make more copies and do the same. This simple flier needs to paste the windows of every building and car in
every town and city across America! This simple and inexpensive stand
will cost you next to nothing and will make a very big impact in the
area of bringing awareness to a sorely neglected subject.
Obviously our Congress and President are already sold out to the
other side(the UN) which makes you and I on the receiving end of the
UN's decisions(ie; their latest ban on small arms/weapons!!) instead
of being in the position of authority like "We the People" should
always be in.
The USA CANNOT have 2 masters- either God and the people are in
charge or they- the UN is in charge. We need to start making a lot
more noise right now because in no way, shape, or form should our
military EVER swear an allegiance to anybody but the people of the USA
and the US Constitution.        FlierLInk

We need to make it abundantly clear to our elected officials that
any association or support they have of the UN will no longer be
tolerated, as they are colluding with a foreign governance who is
quietly taking control of our country, which makes them both a foreign
AND a domestic threat to the safety of this nation.

These elected officials took an oath to protect the American
people from every threat both foreign and domestic, yet they are
assisting in the current takeover of our country through support of
all these UN programs like ICLEI, Watersheds, Large Predator
re-introduction, Comprehensive Planning, Smart Growth, Growth
Management Act, Sustainable Development, Wildlands Project, National
Heritage Programs, guns/weapons control, food control programs, and
population control programs.
We have to let them know that they are either with "We the People"
or they are against "We the People", and if they are supporting
anything UN at all, then they are against "We the People" and must be
removed from office immediately. We are at that point today, because they are asking our military to swear
allegiance to the UN, and so therefore, today it is time for us to
take our stand.......

God Bless a sovereign America- FREE from UN invasion!
Rene' Holaday
Author of "The Perils of Sustainable Development"-available on

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