The Big Lie, the basis of UN Agenda 21
 The big lie is that CO2 is a pollutant rather than an essential atmospheric gas.
Here is a fictional novel which entertains as well as educates you to technique and science behind the political agenda of UN Agenda 21. If you want to viscerally understand the science of CO2 in our atmosphere and the scam to use it as a pretext for a one world globalist government, consider the following novel The Carbon Trap by CMDR (retired) Randy Dutton of Washington State.

Karl Spees - Pres CAPR 13 and MD (retired)


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Dear Friends,
My first book, The Carbon Trap, is now available on Amazon (Kindle) and should be on Barnes and Noble (Nook) by tonight.
The Carbon Trap is the first of several in The Carbon Series. You can read the description below. If you believe in property rights, are a global warming skeptic, believe CO2 is essential for life, oppose Agenda 21, are uncomfortable about how genetic engineering can be use maliciously, love high technology that has never been used in a novel before, and like it wrapped up in a good romance...this is your book. In what other books has one hero been a amputee war hero and the heroine a non-stereotypical character? Or selling Alaska been floated as means of paying for the ‘green agenda’? Or a weapon exists that remotely controls your car while you’re driving?
I’ve striven to keep the technology as accurate as possible though with futuristic projections. Those of you who know me, know I am a voracious reader of advanced technology and how it can be used for good...and for evil.
   Why did I write this book?...partly for the same reason I ran for the Washington State Legislature in 2008. My lone conservative voice was being ignored by our legislators, the press, and many in science. I believe ideas can sometimes be better promoted through storytelling.
If after reading this book, you believe in advancing the messages it promotes, please encourage others you know to read it. I’d love to see it go viral.
Visit our website or on Facebook ‘RainforestPress’ for announcements on future books. Book 2 – The Carbon Cross, (June 2012); and Book 3 – The Carbon Crash (Dec 2012).
Randy Dutton
CDR. USNR-Retired