Where Do National Parks Priorities  Really Lie?

   I had to shake my head in disgust over an article on the restoration of  Teddy Roosevelt’s home on Sagamore Hill in Long Island. A  $6.2 million project to begin spring 2012.  If you look at pictures of this beautiful home (I hope he thanked the taxpayers) it hardly looks to be falling down.

   I think of the millions of people who no longer have homes due to our current administration as the dilapidation of homes in the  working class neighborhoods rise .  In this poverty stricken country repairs are just not affordable.
  Wanting to do the work in the 90's, the restoration was halted. No funds. By 2008.  The National Park System already had an $8 billion dollar backlog. This was the same year the funding  was rewarded for renovation. Hummm,  No money?  but rewarded more? Shouldn’t they have concentrated on fixing the backlog of other broken park infrastructure’s before adding another $6.4 million while creating more debt?  Since 2008 the Parks backlog has accelerated.  As of this year 2012 the current backlog is $11 billion with 3.7 billion critical backlog. Remember this is all a bill on the taxpayers (you and me). 
   How can tourism survive if noone has extra money to travel? Ahem... other then the wealthy that is. I guess it is safe to say only the 1% could enjoy this privledge. It would also seem like the Roosevelt heirs might step in and offer help on restoration costs.  Certainly they must have fat bank rolls to burn. Quoted in the article by Amy Verone , project chief of cultural resources:
“it’s important to preserve history and heritage and with the same problems  we faced then that we are facing us now, a place like Sagamore Hill  will help remind the public of that”.

  Remind the Public of what? How a 28 room mansion cost the public plenty while most were struggling to combat poverty at this time in history? How  politicians and their elite families took from the poor to acquire riches the average Americans  would never see? How Roosevelt owned  relics  worth billions even back then? Preservation for relics that  were then the  taxpayers tab?

   This is similar to the land grab issues involving the National Federal Takeover of our State Federal  lands for government ownership and control of all lands surrounding the “Olympic National Heritage Site”.  The Olympic National Parks current  Backlog one year later 2012 of $11 million. NO FUNDS.  As our current national parklands go to hell and the money pots have been drained,  they are crying for more to manage  130,000 acres and all the water on it. Perhaps these lands were neglected because they weren’t full of priceless antiques and material items.  How important is conservation and preservation to the National Parks System? They are definitely not concentrating on the planet.  This is what most corporate environmental groups don’t understand.  The government is using them as a tool in proposing this  plan that will be putting thousands of peninsula citizens out of current and future jobs for untruths and false science, concerning watersheds and land conservation,  with scare tactics. There is no problem in Grays Harbor County other then a practically -0 economy.  More Cuts on the way folks. Open your eyes people. You are paying  for this frivolous land grabbing just as you are paying for the restoration of a millionaires estate, with millionaire heirs looking on. It’s all National Park. The Nation Pays.

Is this money being well spent in a hungry society? Making taxpayers pay for their own demise?

More park  enhancement of restricted areas for wilderness.? Or food on your plates, roofs over your heads and jobs that might provide an inkling of anything for a  family? It’s costing you. Preservation of already protected land is a  pathetic excuse to scam  more to take away from the people,  who are expected to pay for it. I don’t have to tell you that there are NO FUNDS for this ether. Dry pot. Trading of deeds does not free you from a bill of any kind. It will come with all kinds of tax hikes, added taxes, special licenses with super fees, restricted shortened hunting and fishing seasons anything else that can be mustered up.
These will not cover the ever increasing costs. We all know or should be informed that Wilderness does not create jobs.  It never has and never will.
     Would a larger park be nice? Sure it would. Would the restoration of Roosevelt’s home be nice? Sure it would. A lot of things would be nice IF their weren’t so many things of greater NEED. Needs  for the people ....not more taking from them for drempt up niceties.  Taking time for issues NOT important at this time of economic crisis. We are still trying to recover from what they have already taken.  It really points to the irresponsible administration that currently occupy our local, state and federal government offices.  Some are not qualified to make responsible decisions.  They can not separate fact from fabrication.

   "Patsy" Murray made THREE  separate contradictions within the same public newspaper article trying to defend herself from looking foolish. Lying in her statements that the people were for this inneeded proposal, when in fact most are NOT and for reasons already mentioned. Dicks has publicly falsified many  of these issues in  his public statements. In fact Dicks didn't even know where the land boundries of state federal and tribal territories started or ended. Not surprising as he never lifted a finger to care or oversee management of these lands he was elected to tend over 30 years ago.   Are Dicks and Murray even competent to be in a position of serving the people? when in fact they can’t  even keep their spiel straight?

   Serving themselves for self recognition is more fitting to the job they have done and all the voices they have not been listening to. They continue to not listen.They gotta go! Plain and simple. With a plentiful supply of environmental lobby money they are sticking to their guns (so to speak). What about you? The tax payer? You that already have a 16 trillion dollar tab to pick up? Are you wanting more debt for park? Don’t you just love giving your hard earned dollars to our “new type of government”?   They take so much pride in calling themselves that. If you like playing roulette I guess they are the Government for you. It’s just a big casino robbing us for their ante offers  while the taxpayers bank keeps getting smaller. Once our ante 's are gone the game is over and WE LOSE!  There is no place for a bigger park or wasteful restoration projects to cripple this nation further. We deserve affordable heathcare, and good nutrition to exist on, education to learn skills and values for a strong thriving and honest society.  Guess what? Jobs do provide just that and a new administration would see  we moved in that direction. With out these necessities we can’t really consider our lives to have much quality now can we?   A change in our administration is needed IMMEDIATELY and is vital to our survival.  Siding with this land grab just shows you where Dicks and Murray’s  priorities lay.  I assure you it is not with the people. It's all about the "Norm Dicks Legacy" and controlling and owning our resources.
    Water shortage and pollution problems do not start here. It starts where the cities and urban sprawls continue to over populate and waste.  They have been a wasteful society of non-disposable junk (non biodegradable). They have not conserved and their local governments have closed their eyes.  Not wanting to build and secure reservoirs and provide strong sound infrastructure methods to handle what has been created there and broken.  Ofcourse here they come. Wanting more land so they
can leave behind more muddy carbon footprints.  They have spoiled their areas and now their desires are to come take ours.  Would they be responsive to us if we lined their public sidewalks and easements around their houses and property day and night to escape our settlements?  How  would they feel if we out of towner’s decided we had better plans for their yards and  we didn’t like what their chemical fertilizers and sprays were doing to our air and water quality?  
What goes up must come down.

    What if we made city and urban lives hell by crowding their streets in protest of all the oils that leak from their vehicles, the detergents, industrial cleaners and other poisons that go down the drains at an accelerated rate daily.  Their crying about  water shortages?  Shall we protest to meter their toilets so they don’t  waste flushes?  Do they forget about the tons of  T.P. that flush into their heavily chemically treated sewage plants 24 hours a day?  Where do they think all these things  go? Do they think their pollution will all just disappear? Out of sight Out of mind. Where do these people get the idea we here in Quinault are polluting the earth?
   Over 120 years of rural Quinault living verses 120 years of city and urban growth.  They logged the wooded forests of Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia and the rest was history. We’ve been logging here on the Peninsula AND replanting the working forests. We continue to grow more trees instead of inflicting these areas with over population and development. 120 years later who kept a clean, healthy, pristine environment? and who showed responsibility in taking care of our area by replacing whats been taken?  Not the People who are crying wolf and not the government!  We the landowners and our responsible State and county decisions have, without due respect from these "save all environmental fanatics".  The Park exceeds over 1 million acres they can enjoy.  We must  keep these remaining lands out of the  “National” decision makers hands and from those that don’t work or live here. They can leave their footprints in the current existing ONP and leave the rest alone!  

   These Environmental bullies used to be welcomed into our community. Not anymore. Only so much disrespect can be tolerated.  These Grabbers need to stay home and address issues in their own neighborhoods where they have chosen to live.  They are meddlers that create turmoil for pleasure. Like a spreading disease........an epidemic out to kill anything in their way.  
   These environmental groups have succeeded in the near extermination of our timber industry and the industries that use timber products and by-products.  Products the world uses (including themselves).  The "Wild Olympics Plan" has even caused "Mr. Green Jeans" Roy Knott (poster boy for "Wild Olympics" ads) to file for bankruptcy.  Roy uses wood by-products to make his Panel Tech products.  Is Roy's karma already catching up with him?  Roy made his living off the timber industry and then back stabbed those who made it possible for him to start his own wood replacement business. I guess Roy wasn't thinking about the wood by-products he was making his panels out of while also causing heavy heat emissions into our "clean air" atmosphere.  You are guilty Roy in aiding the "Global Warming" you are blaming us for.  Unexpected cutbacks are now affecting his employees.  Roy promoted putting peninsula residents out of work.  Sometimes you get what you ask for when least expected.  See you in the food lines Roy!