Say NO To
Natures Conservancy

    An Environmental Corporation with BILLIONS in assets, is in business to buy out private natural resource lands in the name of conservation, and sell them to the Federal Government for Park, Wilderness and Wild and Scenic additions. Profiteers that sometimes receive federal grants (taxpayers money) to accomplish these goals to become “willing sellers”to the Park.  They are a shadow organization for Federal Land acquisition. They are truly “after the ranch” and have built a false front called “The Natures Conservancy” to hide behind. Versed in word play, they put in place the ground work with intentions of betrayal. This corporate company is becoming well known for their conservation easements scams of deception.
   Your land no matter how large or small a piece is priceless. Don’t place false values on it because of market manipulation.  Land will never lose value. It’s a limited asset and the Federal Government is out to own it all.  Money will not go far enough to provide any kind of future security for private property sellers, with the high rate of devaluation. SAY NO TO NATURES CONSERVANCY. Their money is worthless. But your land is NOT. Call any Congressman at 202-225-3121. Leave a message NO FED GRANT money for Land Aquisition to ANYONE selling back to the federal Government using taxpayer money. This is a trick the Federal Government uses when they can’t out and out buy the land.