May 2016

Whats New?

What's happened since 2014 with U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer


U. S. Senator Patty Murray's Wild Olympics Proposal?

An Enhanced version of the original Bill

but with more frosting in their 'cache'.

Adding on to the original taking of purposed USFS public and recreational lands with new DNR parcels attached.

Some private property owners could now become 
inholders of the Wild and Scenic designations if passed.

A real STEAL of a deal for the federal real estate pot. Can Federal land be used for future foreign taking? for passed debts incurred) Absolutely!  Yes they can kick the can down the road!  Wild Olympics 2016 is the same periwinkle politics created by our elected governing bodies that, can't govern anything other then nothing. No positive results have materialized, as the milk duds in D.C. continue to give our United States public properties away piece by piece to foreign entities. All Olympia's congress members and the tax funded green scouts have to do, is convince the public (basically those who live in a metropolis, like Seattle), that this is necessary to preserve our eco-system and the peace and tranquility of nature undisturbed. A necessity for the hard working American to escape their daily routines and enjoy the great outdoors. 

They Can Already! 

Without A mythical federal stranglehold

   This propagandic spiel comes from Obamas famous words, when the first $900 million land grab was announced in 2010 'Get off my lawn'. Within the 6 years of campaigning to pass 'Wild Olympics' legislation through radio adds, television ads, public broadcasting stations, and big colored centerfolds of the Park in all the big major newspapers, the Washington State Democratic Congress and State legislators spent  hundreds of thousands of tax dollars in advertising and public gathering events, to promote what they claim to be as much needed 'New Wilderness' because: "The Liberal Sky Is Falling" in and the planet will end tomorrow.

The majority of Washington residents with working brains,
 highly and firmly rejected. 

BAH!  Even more propaganda folks!  There is no real purpose for these lands to change deeds or for any needed added Wilderness. Checkerboarding policies that place strangle holds on our already wild and scenic rivers and land here is as absurd as it was when first suggested.  It's all about Congressional Legacies. 

As the elections of 2016 approach, The 2 U.S. Wa. state congressional  seats will be up for grabs. The very 2 culprits behind Obama's land grab. Mr. Green Jeans, Congress-kid Derek Kilmer and Alzheimer afflicted Senator Patty Murray. These 2 land grabbers and bathroom bullys need to be flushed out of congress. Cantwell is waiting with her pen and phone on the sidelines, to seal the land grab steal, with a kiss. Sure to be brought up for vote or to be included in the Lame Duck session. The regular game of hide and seek from the most non-transparent congress ever to screw up whatever makes it to their desks. A last chance stance for the “to big for their breeches”, Federal Government bullier's.  

Time is running out for them to build a legacy for themselves, by harassing Olympic peninsula residents out of jobs and properties, and by denying them of what has already been bought and paid for: our public land and water usage and resources that belong to our state. The lack of up keep and maintenance of our ONP has already played havoc in keeping designated campgrounds and trail use, open and in  healthy vibrant condition, for public use. 

Time is also running out for the 3 to help themselves to taxpayers money and to create (out of thin air) funding grants to green rainbow seekers. The unicorn crowd takes these funds to protest  human population inhabiting the Olympic Peninsula that existed before their great great grandparents where ever thought of.  Tunnel vision liberal self doers lack respect, for generations of others before them that made it possible for their mere existence and for those that will come after them.  The forests they see today were protected long before the federal government came around to lay claim on them. The federal government were the first to log off the spruce forests. Homesteaders took only trees to clear their own properties and warm their hearths. The government later hired them to do their spruce logging for them.  2 centuries later the greeny stick'em caps are crying, that early loggers caused the current environment die off  today.  As always pointing fingers away from the very entity they work for.  The 2 headed snake so to speak.


Obviously history is not a strong trait, in environmental extremism 

Where did the money go Patty, Derek and Maria?
Cantwell was busy having roads decomissioned while Murray and Kilmer
 waited in the wings with their phones and their pens.
In the meantime Kilmer took on Dicks roll, with Murray to
re-introduce the unwanted, unnecessary and wasteful Wild Olympics Wild & Scenic Act TWICE!

Keeping the rainbow green party voters smothered in free government grants, takes priorety over the previously devasted Washington State and Olympic Peninsula jobs, that have been killed under this administration. The administrators who take money from you, to pay the pawns to help them pass their legacy agenda. Their are self centered , self interest governing bodies in Olympia, governing for themselves. The State is wagging their tails behind them. 

It's jobs or wilderness

re-labeling is extra baggage not protection.

Cherry topped grants, even emergd to start up business's for themselves to operate. Many failed and green corporate company's were the only survivors (but not for long). On the Olympic Peninsula practically no one has survived.  The green gangs still have Congress feeding them cookies and cream. Federal vittles.  Some even peddle foreign products as (cough) a sustainable business. They sell and buy from themselves, products only a few may be interested in.  Production ceases to exist in Grays Harbor. There's no money circulating in our county or in the majority of Washington State anymore under it's Democratic controlled administration. No real jobs have been created and the poverty and homelessness is still bloating to massive unsustainable levels. Crisis after crisis in Washington State and across our country has far surpassed the 'Red Alert” stage. But Congress is working to expand federal land for wilderness instead, to remove it from the  State and the people who have paid for it. They feel we need to add to our already HUGE Olympic National Park. Same old song and dance for more wilderness to preserve it's natural tranquility. Why should Wa. State U.S. Congress care about terror attacks all over America? or an out of control criminal surge at the borders? or the racial hate being spewed from the WH? They rather have a  bigger park, put men in womens bathrooms and force gender identification education in k-12 school rooms.   A proud bunch indeed. 

This was a Scam then and is an even bigger scam today in 2016.



Wild Olympics Wilderness/Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

Our congressional bullies are now ignoring the Wa. state citizens overwhelming opposition completely,
and started to meet and collaborate with some of the most dangerous D.C. bureaucrats in the Obama Administration, to do "everything in their power" to put the wild lands plan into motion.

Aren't There More Important Issues Congress Should Be Addressing?

Please refer to updated information at Behind My Back
The War On Wild

WOW 2016

Researched, and written by
Pearl Rains Hewett-Clallam County Wa.

What The People Don't Know
 Won't Matter

Kilmer, Murray and Cantwell turn their heads away from the public, in the newest threat to the Olympic Peninsula and the environment, that totally counter acts against any claim, for their "purposes" in preserving and protecting the natural beauty, tranquility and undisturbed solitude for a true "wilderness  experience".  

Has become a regularity in the democratic way of governing

Since The Wa. State Democrat Administration's big  push to "grab lands" for federal control,  Electonic Warfare Training Ranges are now in the skies, on the ground and in our ocean off the Olympic peninsula's coast!  The Navy is flying over USFS recreational land (the publics land) over and around private properties, over the Olympic National Park and our pristine watersheds. On going activity and training exercises

Did congress forget to mention the bootprints on the ground?

that would be replacing our human footprints they don't want to harm or damage the environment? 

Navy aircraft have been in full force, littering the skies and layering them with what's referred to as "chem trails", used in "weather modification" programs) This has produced false cloud covers under clear blue skies and star covered nights.  Of course reversed reactions are also created in our lush rain forest atmosphere that is so cherished in this part of our state. Dissolving natural weather fronts carried in with the jet stream by drawing the moisture out of the rain clouds, to clear the weather, that would normally drop rain is also being used.  These interventions cause atmospheric disruption, obstructs normal rainfall, causing dry spells that under tamper free conditions, just never happened. These exercises or "experiments",  have been going on since 2011. Our 3 members of U.S. Congress in Olympia, along with Wa. Governor Inslee, all denied any knowledge of ongoing military activity. They've all stated there was no such thing as Chem trails and what we were seeing might be condensation. Yester-years news.  

They knew what it was then.

They know what they are now. 

They lied  

Congress purposely misled the public, in order to pass their Park and River "Wild Olympics" agenda for their new pristine wilderness and an untampered with environment. In other words -what the public doesn't know now, won't matter, if we can pass it, before they find out. 

Note: Weather modifications programs (as of 2016) are now being referred to by scientists and by government agencies, as "Albedo Modification" programs   In order to obscure what the real term weather manipulation/modification or Chem trailing really is. Those terms have now been well documented and exposed across the globe. So they have changed it to read, Albedo Modification, to detour the reader into thinking the new descriptive term is not, one in the same as to not relate it to "CLIMATE MANIPULATION" or "CLIMATE CHANGE". 

  Indeed it does have everything to do with "changing the climate" and it is "man made". But who are the men making it change?  Regular citizen Joe? or government regulating bureaucrats and partnered chemical companies that make the "toxic soups" being dispersed?  A mixed soup of toxins and heavy metals. Approved by a toxic administration, while they peddle their "kicked and dented can" of soup, down the road to lure the uneducated into believing the sky is falling in, and this is our last chance to save the planets wilderness.

Washington States "Chicken Little" con man

Congressman Kilmer sits on the U.S. Committee of Armed Forces  believe it or not

You'd think as a representative of the citizens in his district, he would have been completely OPEN, HONEST  and TRANSPARENT  on the plans for the federal government and U.S. Navy to bring Electronic Warfare training exercises (experiments and testing), with radiation micro wave emitters shooting beams into the pristine forests of Washington states Olympic peninsula wild lands. Missile testing has also been approved  in the ocean waters off our peninsulas west coast.  Congress is not interested in hearing what the majority of constituents in opposition to this bluff have to say.  Lo and behold! Congressional fingers keep pointing to everyone else but themselves. 

What difference does it make?

(if nobody knows?)

This certainly has become the new motto of the elected democrat infection  in Olympia, Wa.

The Elected Olympia Chump Hunters
on their side.

Do U want to be a Chump Too? 

By Hook and by Crook?

Whether you are a true recreational enthusiast or a person who just enjoys the great outdoors
The Olympic Peninsula is here for ALL to enjoy left alone.
When we can't trust a government to protect our own treasury
Who would be fool enough to agree to give them our forests?
Obama has illegally been taking our public lands away thousands of acres at a time

These lands belong to the state and to the people in perpetuity
Please appreciate it and respect it
Tell Murray, Kilmer and Cantwell
Contact Congress

Find your Representatives
This Bill will not appear on a voters ballot
It's meant to fly under the voters radar. You must
contact each member of congress at the link above to leave your comment

When the 2016 Election rolls around


to Kilmer and Murrays re-election.

They've killed Washington State Jobs as well as Jobs across our nation. 

November 8th is Job Killing time in Olympia 

at both Federal and State levels