Letter written to CAPR: By Scott Fowler 

  As a groundwater professional in Western Washington, I find it appalling that any group would deny a person the right to water on his or her own property.

    Ninety-seven percent of the world’s liquid freshwater is underground. There are close to 4 million people in this state who get their drinking water from wells. Some 904,000 of them get their water from the exempt well. The special-interest groups and the state are making claims that all these wells are having a negative impact on streamflow, thus hurting aquatic life.
    I say show me the proof. Nowhere in the state of Washington can the Department of Ecology show where an exempt well or group of these wells on septic systems are having a negative impact. They have models that show there may be impacts, which are always negative. The National Ground Water Association and the Colorado School of Mines have a study that show exempt wells have a positive impact on streamflow. So who do you believe?

Here are some facts
The average home uses 250 gallons a day, of which 70 percent to 90 percent is returned to the basin through the septic system. Generally, exempt wells take water from a deep, confined aquifer and return it to the basin through the shallower unconfined aquifers. An average hemlock tree uses 240 gallon a day.
    The whole issue is about power and control, not the resource. The Supreme Court of the state of Texas just confirmed that a person has the right to the water under his or her property for domestic use. However, in the water-rich state of Washington, to tell some that they do not have the right to enough water to live on, based on assumptions, just makes an ---, well you know the rest.
Scott Fowler


The Department of Ecology is not an elected entity but an APPOINTED agency that has used their "abuse" of power to overreach their authority to dissolve rural american living, for the sake of planet earth.  (REALLY????)  The department feels that rural dwellers are causing a great imbalance in our eco- system by rural country living.  (REALLY????)  The DOE has been working feverishly to PASS LAWS restricting water rights, land rights and the constitional rights of private property owners in rural america in an attempt to uproot long standing communities by making it impossible for them to exist and survive. Everything from heavily regulated/restricted land use of private property, banning of wood stoves used to heat rural homes and metering water drawn from private wells on private property  All waterways whether it be seashore, creek, tributary, drain ditch or water collection from the run off of our roofs are being denied usage of by LAW.
What gives this agency the right to create these unconsttutional petty laws that have NO scientific evidence that there ever existed a problem? The DOE creates problem senerios of "what ifs".  This gives our government an excuse to come in and claim reason to control these areas they so desperately want to own.  The DOE's claim that small rural wells that have always been in existence are endangering the Salmon and causing their depletion.  
  Lets stop here for a moment and examine this theory.  Salmon aren't as prevelent in our rivers?  What's being netted by foreign countries  offshore on our coasts before they reach the river mouths?  TONS!   American fishing boats have had so many restrictions and regulations put upon them it has become no longer cost efficient for those U.S. citizens to make a living. High costs of insurance to operate, licenses, fees, labor and  fuel costs have KILLED them while foreign boats KILL off 3/4 of the Salmon population to be taken and sold abroad for the benefit of their countries.  Why are the U.S. fisheries suffering? With 3/4 of the salmon never having a chance to return to their spawning areas NOT the few and far between rural land dwellers that happen to have a well they draw gods gift to us from.
  The residents of the Olympic Peninsula get 12-15 feet of annual rainfall.  9 months out of the year these lands are saturated.  Their are NO water shortages here and yet DOE claims this to be a problem (at the expense of  land owners) as one of the main drawbacks for salmon recovery.  BAH!
 Squeezing the last dime out of the American taxpayer and squeezing the right to own and live on their own rural property. All with taxpapers money and the DOE is using it against us, to destroy the rural living and agricultural areas that provide commodity for our for the local, state and national economy.   
  To put it in black and white, the environmental lobby extremists appointed by our UN Agenda 21 oriented  administration, is PULLING THE RUG OUT from under rural communities and their resources, by restricting their use for the purpose intended and causing the economy in this country to bottom out. What are to replace these millions of jobs?  NOTHING. The have many dream plans as their excuse.  "We can create this and create that" etc.etc.  Where's the BEEF? Where is the money? Where are these replacement jobs to take the place of a starving nation whos jobs have been killed?
Wouldn't a more responsible decision have been for every job lost, that job is replaced?  That friends, is not the point of the DOE.  It's job is to inhibit land use for government control and ownership. Where is the restitution for lost lifetime investments of property owners that are forced off their properties or unable to comply with the costly DOE rule?
By dissolving the DOE by demanding our government do so
Below is a link to what the Skagit County Landowners are facing as well due to DOE's abuse of power. 
Pay attention! This is happening all across the country in rural areas.
Aside from tribal issues of reclaiming land and waters this is also a cry from big cities and urban areas that we are damaging to the eco-system, which has been indoctrinated into them by our federal controlled public education system.
CITIES and URBAN areas are not held accountable for eco-inbalance though the cities use up to 95% of the natural resources our rural agricultural areas provide. Their over usage and inbalance has occurred where they live and draw from. Remember Public Water Systems put in place also draw from the environment.