Letter to National Park Service 

On Continued Finley Creek Watershed Alteration

Karen and Todd

   Once again, our community has grave concerns with Olympic National Park's work in the Finley Creek channel.  I know, what's new?
Looking at the unfinished streambed of Finley Creek one can only be deeply concerned with the future of the structure supporting the Finley Creek bridge.
 The gravel has been excavated to the bottom of the structure which raises issues as to the structure's future stability in a high water event. 
 Excavating this gravel will cause serious problems this winter.  Olympic National Park (ONP) has removed gravel that has supported the structure since the bridge was put in place.  I realize that rip rap is being replaced for future support, but the base support has been altered, and rip rap will be VERY difficult to keep in place in the future around the bridge support.
Previous yearly maintenance, while failing to correct the problem ONP created in 2001/2002, merely removed gravel from the streambed.  The maintenance did not do anything as drastic as destabilizing the support for the bridge.  Going forward, this is a major concern for the Quinault Valley.
 I am sure ONP has studied the ramifications of the loss of the Finley Creek bridge.  And, in fact, they have previously studied the possibility of a "dry crossing" for Finley Creek in the future, correct?    While such an event might be acceptable, and probably even preferred by ONP, closure of the loop road in the Quinault Valley IS NOT acceptable to us!  Loss of the Finley Creek bridge would cause the closure of the road for 8, 9, and sometimes 10 months out of the year.  Again, that is simply not acceptable, and we will not allow it.
 I request a copy of the  Army Corps of Engineers permit, Environmental Assessment, or whatever paperwork that ONP is operating under in doing the current Finley Creek work. 
 I would also like the paperwork on the cost of the chip-seal project at the Bunch Homestead site.
 Thank you for your time in assisting us with our concerns.
Keith Olson

Second Letter                                                                                                                                                         9/25/2011

Karen and Todd,
     I/we really would like the information I requested last week.
 What would be ONP's plan should Finley Creek have water throughout October/November?  Or do you consider the job already finished?
 These are very important questions that the local community wants and needs answered now!
 I realize you both must be pretty busy, but a moderately prompt reply would be appreciated. 
 Is it really necessary to turn elsewhere for this information?  Let me know in a couple days.
 Thank you.

Letter to Sara Crumb (Norm Dicks), Sheila Babbs and Kristine Reeves (Patty Murray).                                         9/25/2011

Sara, Sheila, and Kristine,
   I am having trouble getting the Finley Creek information from the Olympic National Park Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent.
 I realize that they are probably busy with other important issues, but to the residents of the Quinault Valley the Finley Creek problem is every bit as important as dam removal, re-surfacing roads, public relations, etc.
 We shouldn't have to resort to the Freedom of Information Act to acquire these documents....... should we?
 Thank you all for your help.  Would a meeting down our way be possible in the near future?

Response from Karen Gustin (NPS) after Letter to the Legislaters                                                                                           9/25/2011

Hi Keith - we received your email on this issue on Sept 20 and you will get a response this upcoming week. When we receive inquiries about issues, we try to respond within 10 working business days.



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