Activities and Accomplishments - local Chapters of CAPR:
Citizens Alliance for Property Rights

Submitted By President of CAPR 13, Karl Spees

Since March 2010 when Steve Hammond (founder of CAPR National) came to Clallam County to confer Chapter membership to CAPR 13, we have been in a dead out ‘dog-paddle‘. There is a time to fish and a time to cut bait. Fishing is more productive and cutting bait sounds like work. I have attempted to maximize my limited energy in the most productive pursuits of our common cause. This means focusing first on local issues threatening our property rights and neglecting much of the organizational activities of CAPR National.
  In 2010 our programs were designed to address gimmicks and tools the ‘Takers’ and ‘abolishers’ of private property were/are using as pretext or means to justify their injustices. Our meetings covered: the Endangered Species Act (ESA), UN Agenda 21 (Sustainable Development & ICLEI, International Council of local Environmental Initiatives), Saul Alinsky methods (the end justifies the means, Cloward-Pivens Strategy included), the Elwha Dam removal (the rest of the story), Dungeness WRIA 18 (metering & politicalization of water), Delphi Technique and Diamond Strategy - Methods for (false) Consensus Building, and Carbon Dioxide Science - an essential atmospheric gas (non-science & nonsense basis of UN Agenda 21 ). We invited local candidates in the 2010 election to speak on their roles in preserving our beneficial use of property and property rights.
   In 2011, with a bit of a foundation CAPR 13 has served as a distraction to the State Ruling Party and surrogate agents & agencies (like DoE). Meanwhile our established County allies have rallied to defend our constitutional right to beneficially use our property. The Blitz of ‘Governmental Taking by Regulations’ has broadened. In order to keep this report under two pages, I will just mention some of the issues in which we have been involved (some with just written support). Google bold print topics for details. Issues addressed are: Citizens Review Online (citizensreviewonline), Conspiracy Exposed by George Rains (daughter Pearl Rains Hewett), SMA/SMP (Shoreline Advisory Committee), Research on Land Law and policy (Pearl Rains Hewett has been a pit bull for this extremely valuable work), WRIA 19 (Joyce Water Resource Inventory Area), Nippon Cogenerator (local War on Affordable Energy), ICLEI (Removed from the County, Dick Piling lead the charge), Reintroduction of Wolves and Sustainable Development (Art entry in the Sequim Museum and Art Gallery), DoE’s obstruction of the Rainier Mill Site’s beneficial use, opposition of the International Standards for non-permit outbuildings, Access to Public Land for multiple beneficial uses (Support of ORV designated areas), destruction of the Elwha Lakes and implications (divide and conquer), and Stopping the Wild Olympics (networked with the Wild Olympics Scam opposition groups). Our Constitutions and Stewardship are centered around the individuals (people) and protection of our individual rights as well as responsibilities. Again in the interest of brevity, local Patriots who have distinguished themselves in our struggle to protect our Constitutional Rights are: Marv Chastain, Richard Piling, Kaj Ahlburg, Sue Forde, Pearl Rains Hewett, Shelley Taylor, Pat Tenhulzen, Pete Church-Smith, Rene Holladay, Keith Olsen, Marguerite Glover, Carol Johnson, Norm MacLeod, Jim Boyer, Bill Roden, Ross Krump, and Lois Perry. There are others that should be included on this list who I have forgotten or who would be compromised by being mentioned here.
  In 2012, we have been engaged in SMA/SMP, Exposing PSP (Puget Sound Partnership - Nepotism & Overreaching Regulatory Designs), Stopping the Wild Olympics Campaign (Wild Olympics Scam), Dungeness Preliminary Instream Flow Rule (pretext to incrementally expanding central governmental control of water),the Anti-Wood Stove Legislations (part of the War on our Domestic affordable Energy Supply) and in a KONP (local radio) special on con’s of the Wild Olympics (effort to block access and permanently depress the timber industry crippled by the ESA/spotted owl gambit) .
   Few understand that we are in the Second American Revolution, the outcome of which is uncertain. This is a struggle for the very soul and heritage of our Constitutional Republic (Life, Liberty, and Property). This War is not being fought with bombs, bullets, and bayonets; rather it is being fought with innovative use of information, ideas, words, testimony, networking with and supporting of allies, court actions, personal & public education, awakening & rallying the citizens, discrimination between deception and truthful information, mass media, mass communication, money, writing, art, humor, exposure and ridicule of our opponents and their propaganda, letters, phone calls, radio interviews, billboards & road signs, &c. (all lawful actions). CAPR 13 has adopted a mission statement: Education & Lawful Action. The “ in relationship to property rights” is understood. Our taxes are being squandered and used against us - (diversion/redistribution) to perpetuate and support corrupt central government officials and their surrogates which include non-governmental organizations, NGO‘s. We expose this when we can. On our side, we have the truth and Constitution.
   In closing, it would be negligent if I did not mention my own motivation for becoming involved. I have some handicaps and compromising health problems that limit my energy. On my good days I am a warrior; on my bad days but a soldier. I live in a Home Owners Association (HOA). We have a Maintenance Commission Board that has been taken over by a like-minded group (4/7) who are attempting to fundamentally change our HOA by transforming it into a central controlling government (politicalization). In effect, it is an attempt to create a microcosm of the Obama Regime. They have taken actions that have materially threatened my/our ‘hearths and homes’, private property rights, and personal rights. In 2009 I sought help in this David-Goliath struggle when I made a pilgrimage to Jefferson County. In Jefferson County I found Jim Boyer, founder of the Jeffco CAPR. With the help of Jim Boyer and multiple generous patriots in Jefferson County as well as Clallam County, we have established a beachhead in Clallam County, CAPR 13. In the process my eyes have been opened to the universal pernicious threats to our Life, Liberty, and Property in our County, State, and Country. CAPR 13 is just a battle front in the fight for America’s future.
Karl Spees - President of CAPR 13