For US Citizens Who Are Concidered The "Irrelavant Masses' By THOSE

Here is a House Bill that sets a price on you your family and children.  Wolves will be introduced and protected with money we can ill afford to spend.  We know they are extremely contrary to the best interests of 'we the people'. I suspect Brian Blake is a  faithful soldier of the Ruling Party.
Here's a counter-proposal.  Open the season on these large preditors year around and offer a substancial bounty. Why don't we put this on a Referendum?
Karl Spees - Pres. CAPR 13
(Thanx Pearl)

House Bill 2365: Regarding large wild carnivore conflict management
Introduced by Rep. Brian Blake, (D-Aberdeen) (D) on January 12, 2012

 Prohibits a person from negligently feeding or attempting to feed large wild carnivores orattracting them to land or a building Defines "large wild carnivore" which includes wild bears, cougars, and
wolves. The bill also prohibits the department of fish and wildlife from paying more than fifty thousand dollars per fiscal year for claims and assessment costs for injury or loss of commercial livestock caused by large wild carnivores. (Companion Bill: SB 6139).
Pearl Rains Hewett

Peninsula Inholders

Introduction/reintroduction of the WOLVES in the lower 48 is just part of the Global Plan to Stack and Pack humans and treat them/us like managing any other animal species. It is just part of SAVING the PLANET. It's part of doing things we don't need with money we don't have.
We believe in STEWARDSHIP not RESTORATION and SAVING (these are just code words and pretext for a NEW WORLD ORDER, globalism).
Karl Spees - Pres  CAPR 13
Notice I did not mention UN Agenda 21 or Wildlands Plan or Wild Olympics or Wilderness or Wild and Scenic Rivers.
I didn't mention in '79 I had never seen an elk in the wild.  By 1982 using bow and arrow on public land on solo unguided hunts I had bagged and recovered 2 elk. The NW states have spent millions on elk preservation and management.  Wolves are thrill killers and prey heavily on the calves. Wolves devastate elk, pets, and livestock.  We need to put a bounty on wolves and leave the season open year round.
I am sharing with you the official plan from the federal government to place wolves in the Southern Rockies.  Every sportsman in America needs to see this plan.  These plans will spread wolves into 97.5% of all elk in America.
Here is what they are doing: Baca National Wildlife refuge in Southern Colorado will have wolves transplanted in 2012 if portions of this plan are implemented.  Baca is much, much smaller than Yellowstone.  It is only 70 Miles from Northern New Mexico.  It is only 250 Miles from Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.  Wolves can travel that far in less than a week.  
Yellowstone National Park was used to introduce wolves to the Northern Rockies.  Without your help, history will repeat itself this year in the Southern Rockies. 
See the official plan for yourself at the link below (look on page 8, bottom of the first column where they mention the introduction of wolves in Colorado's Baca National Wildlife Refuge).
Here is how you can help stop these plans:
(1) Spread the word: Send this email to 10 friends and ask them to forward this email to more friends.
(2) Join the Fight: If you haven't already, sign the online petition to stop these wolf expansion plans at
(3) Take Action: It only takes 30 seconds to send a message to your representatives in Congress to stop these plans. Simply go to and click the “Take Action” button to send a message in support of two bills in Congress, S. 249 and H.R. 509, the Big Game and Livestock Protection Act.  Without S. 249 and H.R. 509, it will be very difficult to slow down these plans to expand wolves throughout 97.5% of all elk in America.
Without a very substantial outcry from sportsmen and livestock owners, wolves will very likely be placed in Colorado this year.  While attempts have been made to dismiss the use of wolves as "not the preferred alternative," now that they are an official part of the plan, we are one very small step away from having wolves introduced into Baca National Widlife Refuge.  We can't leave this to chance.
Over 10,000 messages have already been sent to Congress to stop the plans to put wolves in the Baca, but we need many, many more. Especially from the 600,0000 hunters in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.
We need all need to join the fight to stop this from happening.  Remember, Idaho's elk harvest has been cut in half by wolves.  Wolves have been a huge burden for livestock producers.  Without substantial changes to the underlying statutes, it is a bad idea to spread these failed policies to the Southern Rockies.
Here are some news articles about these plans for wolves in Colorado.