Designated “Wild and Scenic Rivers Act”

                                            And Quinault Land Grab  

Quinault Valley    

                                 Outlined and numbered below are Pews campaign’s visionary dreams
The reasons why we in Quinault are against this outrageous demand of our working, private and
                                        recreational properties and the fate of our future existence.

1. WO want:  Protection of clean pristine waters

Quinault Response:  
    Clean water and pristine conditions have always existed in our already protected wilderness areas and continue to exist now,  EXCEPT when the Park along with other Government agencies cause  reverse actions against nature,  that work to destroy our delicate eco-system.  Rather then protecting our valuable fish and wildlife habitat by properly  managing these rampant undercutting Olympic rivers, they are left to “run wild”, to dam up with log jams of  destruction.    By ignoring the dangerous impacts mother nature can and does bring in these heavy watershed areas, letting rivers “run wild” actually defeats the purpose of  keeping pristine conditions.  As  rivers reroute themselves around these log jams they also rip through acres off habitat lands (some treed) eroding away existing land and clouding the rivers with mud, silt and debris. By making it illegal to remove potentially hazardous and destructive log jams that keep the rivers within their banks it sometimes causes reverse reactions, by cutting through everything in it’s path on it’s way downstream.

Reason for not allowing the log jam removal?  WOOD CHIPS IN THE RIVER!!!!

 Wood chips from log jam removal, verses acres of land and trees going down stream? They chose to sacrifice land loss and trees over sawdust/woodchips on the river bars.

2. WO want: To provide “World Class Recreation” 

Quinault Response: 
   How are wild and scenic rivers going to provide world class recreation? Once designated “wild and scenic” they become off limits and unusable for recreation. Wild, scenic and untouchable by man.  Do they mean viewable recreation from a campground?  All the campgrounds in our area have been decommissioned., closed or removed. Do they dream of new facilities?  No facilities in wild and scenic. Right????? (according to law  there shouldn’t be). No funds to upgrade or build new campgrounds etheir.  Most wilderness areas will also be OFF LIMITS.  Take a long good look at the beautiful professionally taken rainforest photographs displyed by WO's because that is the only way you'll be able to see this wilderness.  Most access will be DENIED.

    Wild & Scenic Rivers can cause devastation when mother nature creates unpredicted havoc.  Under "Wild and Scenic" layers of government bureaucracies prevent actual prevention.  Letting a river "run wild"  into and over populated areas as well as animal habitat areas can cause dangerous and destructive damage to wildlife and humans as well.  
False recreation campgrounds promises,  just like we did NOT see materialize on the last land Grab Scam

WO want: “To provide inspiration and solitude”

Quinault Response:
   It’s already here and always will be to enjoy, if we are allowed to keep it that way. Locking up access is NOT the answer. It’s maintaining what we already have instead of neglecting it. Neglect causes problems and that is what we continue to see happening.  The fate of most lands in question are  better left in the hands of the people that carved out this valley, rather then government controlling bureaucracies and conservation groups who don't live here. Because this is a beautiful place, shouldn’t mean it should be taken away for weekend looky loos and kayak enthusiasts.
We DO respect our Ouinault Area and that is why we chose to build our lives and work here.  If we didn’t care you wouldn’t be here enjoying it today.  How would you feel if this happened in your neighborhood? Would you want to lose everything and be disregarded and discarded?

WO want:  "To provide jobs and boost the economy".

Quinault Response:
   Jobs? What kind of jobs are they dreaming of?  Temporary road decommissioning jobs? TEMPORARY?  Construction of no-no campgrounds? and with what money?  Forest service volunteer jobs? or our tax dollars $$$$$$ ??????? National Park is a national expense.  That means YOUR tax dollars too! Placing more debt out of the pockets of our nations people on park wilderness exspansion in a collasped economy is not a responsible decision.

   USFS does not have money
to spend for doing the job they are paid to do, so local jobs WE were promised are outsourced to volunteer youth groups. These groups currently take care of lite small trail maintenance for the forest service around their corporate partner neighbors who currently own Lake Quinault Lodge (Aramark). Putting more local jobs out of reach for those areas that were promised to us. There are only a handful of businesses left to provide jobs here in Quinault and no place to establish  new businesses if our lands are taken away for wilderness designation. Who will really benefit economically? The federal government? The park with an entry gate fee?  Hardly enough to pay the gate keeper or will that job be outsourced to an electronic credit card/cash taking machine that spits out tickets?  No funds there. BUT our forestlands and park are FULL of resources and "Iron Clad" deeds make no difference.  We are at war with many countries now because the US Fed thinks our government should own resources that don't belong to them.
What makes you think they won't sell ours for their "take us for our money" deficit they created?  

Wild and Scenic rivers and added Park Wilderness creating jobs, is a VERY weak argument and an imaginary vision of an economic booster. If set in place this would strip away our existing jobs, force  school closure and devour our community. “Kick-um while their down”. Is this the American way? Apparently THEY think so.

WO want: "To provide Critical Habitat for Salmon, Steelhead and a variety of Fish and Wildlife".

Quinault Response:
   We have witnessed  here in the Quinault valley over the past 30 + years atrocious mismanagement by these Government agencies as well as over all Washington State rivers with their “let them run naturally” law.  This prevented ANYONE from putting in or removing ANYTHING within the rivers.  Detrimental  log jams were prevented from being removed and in turn caused unrecoverable damage and loss of  historical and valuable wetlands, which harbored waterfowl, fish and wildlife habitat.
   The Park is also guilty of redirecting the Quinault river directly and violently to the Private and Public land sector  (South Shore) side taking out a residence along with massive land swallows, wiping out salmon habit, huge trees and clogging the river with smothering silt.  This was for our own good? And for the benefit of eco system balancing? And saving the Salmon? These NOW GONE lands had pre- existed ever since the first families carved out this valley to settle and live compatibly with nature; families who endured many hardships along the way.

    Critical Habitats of both wildlife and human life have suffered  severally from the damage created by our governments abusive policies. The Quinault Salmon population is on a steady decline.
  WE who reside here have witnessed first hand, year after year the destruction of these historical pristine lands they claim they are protecting. The  fish, foul and wildlife have greatly dwindled because of it.
We know when enough is enough.  We live here.


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                    Who is behind “Wild Olympics Campaign”?

 The “Wild Olympics Campaign” was slyly crafted by environmentalists for the purpose of conservation and preservation. They want an “iron clad” deed of protection for our already protected Olympic National Park plus 200,000 added acres of land along with wild and scenic river designations. Nothing is “iron clad” when it comes to deeds with the Federal Government. In time of national crisis they can sell off our national parks and forests lands to pay off national deficits. $$$$$ ?????? We trusted them with our money and look what happened. A $16 trillion national debt and still spending. Do we want to trust them with our natural resource lands? Revenue and resources taken out and away from Washington state? NO WE DON’T.

  What gives these “enviro’s”  the right to disregard and discard, the compassion, sweat and livelihoods it took for these families (some of who still reside here) who invested in the care and stewardship of the very ground they walk on here today?  "It’s a paradise” they say. We agree and want to keep it that way for ALL to enjoy, but  now these out of towners want to take control for their own use and visions.  They want the federal government to hold their hands while doing so. These enviro's can't seem to grow up and be responsible adults without being lead by a leash or holding hands with "authority". Lost souls that lack self guidence.  It's a big wild country out here and they can't seem to feel comfortable without it.
If you don't like it the way it is we suggest you stay home!    

   Are we asking for their backyards? behind their houses? Should we have the right to go close off  PUBLIC areas surrounding their homes? and cut off access to their PUBLIC parks and  neighborhoods?  Should we claim wear, tear and filth on their concrete roads and sidewalks because the runoff eventually ends up polluting our environment? Should we push  them out of the geographical choice they chose to buy into? work and reside in? Their wants, from someone else’s sweat, for one or 2 weekends out of the year. 
                                                                Who do they think they are?

 They are a clique of  “self doers”  that have no regard for lives beyond their own. Weekend meddlers funded by elite environmental clubs (Pew/Sierra club etc.) They are well funded, with expensive lawyers and web masters. They can afford to pay professional photographers to give you views you will never be able to experience once they lock-up the land. They hire professional journalists  to candy coat their words and draw you into believing this is a last chance to save our valuable eco system, before we as residents destroy it.  


                               They wouldn’t be wanting it today if there was any truth to their claims.

    Washington State has always grown trees. Environmentalists  can’t seem to handle that fact of life. Our coastal region is wet and temperate. Ideal for a large diversity of species. Our future newly planted forest lands will no longer be available for our children and grandchildren to work in and enjoy.  The funds from these lands will no longer stay in our state once the Federal Government gets ownership. This is an atrocious amount of money to be spending on  park expansion when our population, both state and nationwide, are struggling for “Cheerios” on the table. HOWEVER it is just a drop in the bucket compared to the valuable natural resources and land that is rich enough to produces tree harvests over and over again.  A detrimental vision for the future of Washington State and our working, thriving sustainable, renewable forestlands.                                                    
              The  $900 million Federal Land Grab at                   www.workingwildolympics.com                                                       
                                                     Map Of Wild Olympics Land Grab Proposal