Environmental Damge by ONP

 After the park kicked us out and burned down our house, they decided our homestead would be a great place for a campground. 
 They built a road, a bunch of campsites and some pit toilets on the Queets River and kept it open for several years before the Queets River does what it does and washed out the campground and some of the road into it.  They didn't even come back in to take out the pit toilets; of which one still stands on the bank of the Queets River, except during high water when it is IN the river.  I am attaching a picture I took of the outhouse last year.
 The park took our land and left their abandoned outhouse along the river on our homestead.  They either don't care about our forest and river ecosystems or can't afford to take care of it.  Either way they certainly don't need any more of our lands.
                                                                - Cliff Hay