Wild Olympics Campaign Efforts

  Back in March of 2011 Quinault first learned of the Pew Environmental Groups intentions, to infiltrate and rule over our public, private and working forest lands. It took the Quinault community aback, as it did to so many in other rural areas on the Olympic Peninsula. They've slyly crafted a plan that will affect all these communities in many different ways.  It will affect back country enthusiasts, sportsman, recreational opportunities,  timber harvest areas and job markets among many more. There is quite a diversity of different geographical land masses in the circle of proposed park expansion land. Our small but widespread communities place a variety of values on these lands for different purposes.  
   Our opposition Against Pews "Wild Olympics" in Grays Harbor might vary slightly from other peninsula counties and individual opinions are not neccesarily shared by other chapters of peninsula campaigners. We  agree on some and differ on others. Each individual Group of Campaigners may convey in their own way, views on the opposition facts, figures and input in whatever manner they see fit concerning what the affect will be in their area. One thing for sure is we are all fighting for the SAME cause and that is to STOP the Pew Groups agenda from passing congressional approval.   I'm sure all chapters of this coalition agree on the obvious and that is "Wild Olympics" is a JOB KILLER.  Plain and simple.
   Opposition parties  against  Pew are out in full force to protect their property rights and freedoms, hiking trails, hunting and fishing access, camping areas, educational opportunies, working land base jobs and end government run away spending on our tab; yours and mine!  
   There are many issues and many reasons why this is a "pipe dream" at best and a job killer for thousands. Just think of thousands more in the unemployment lines with no new jobs to apply for. Just think of the widespread, already homeless population and the hundreds more that will be joining them. The Environmental Clubs will then be able to go play in their "bigger park" and absorb themselves in themselves. Then we the taxpayers (who buy that high priced oil) can pay for it all; those that are still working that is.  Does this sound like a fair trade to you? A bigger park over Families, Jobs, Healthcare and Education??????  If Pew group and these other corporate environmental parties are worried about the growing population and running out of resources for them, shouldn't they be campaigning for better birth control methods? and educate children from having children for the system to support?
Shallow, greedy, narrow minds at work.............. or play?

     We encourage everyone who is NOT interested in paying higher Federal Taxes to kill jobs, and those who don't want to pay the billions of dollars it would cost, year after year, to maintain these lands if deeded to them and for those who want our hunting, fishing and recreational lands to remain open for ALL to enjoy,  We ask you to please go too   to OPPOSE this unneccesary Federal Land Grab of Olympic Peninsula territories by Signing the Petition Against "Wild Olympics".

Contact your Local County, State and Federal elected officials and let them know how you stand on these issues.  Email Officials

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