For those not familiar with the long and ongoing  efforts by the Quinault residents, friends and neighbors peninsula wide and beyond's attempt the to save our most important landmark of early pioneer history in the Quinault,  We will discuss the issues that faced the demise of the Enchanted Valley Chalet.  

The goal of ONP, since it's creation, has always been to pursue more public and private land for larger Park additions and to destroy all traces of human existence, thus leaving those early pioneers who settled the Quinault Valley,  buried and forgotten. A picture in a museum.

Along the very popular early Olympic Trail, the hand built Hotel/Chalet was built to accomodate those who came to the "wild land" above the Quinault over the  high country.  

Hoping to erase the history of those who opened up of the land you're able to see and enjoy today. There little open land here in the 1st days.

The Park did not provide the labor, love or stewardship

 to the beautifully kept Quinault Valley over the decades.

The  settlers, the landowners did.  

A Brief History

Park boundries,  crept in further year by year, outward, as the Park was always issued money to extend it's boundries, but not much else. The high country trail soon became overgrown to the point of being impassible. The Park would no longer maintain the trail. The Hotel was forced to close. Bureaucratic red tape came along with Park regulation.

The vacated Chalet then served as an over night shelter for backcountry enthusiast's, as a stop over or when caught under extreme weather conditions. The chalet remained available for public useage for decades, until the Designated wilderness moved in around it.
FOOTPRINTS!!!!! It was soon boarded up and claimed unsafe. A sign was posted for EMERGENCY USE ONLY. Otherwise you were warned to KEEP OUT. This was upsetting to the thousands of users it served over each passing decade. The land of a thousand waterfalls. A special place for everyone that was able to experience it.

 In 1988 the Spotted Owl Wilderness and the Big Land Grab Scam occurred confiscating mountain ranges acrossed 4 states claiming the Owl was endangered and man was the cause!  (a false created crisis). 
The chalet was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2007 , by local and public push as one of the only remaining early pioneer landmarks left in the area.

Congress designated wilderness
 Takes Enchanted Valley Chalet's Homespun Turf

The hand built one of a kind log hotel became a prisoner inside  wilderness boundry's.

This is an extraordinary and breathtaking landscape known as the "land of many waterfalls.
Beautiful Meadow land surrounded (past tense) the Chalet, that served as feeding grounds for the abundant wildlife to graze in. A huge portion of that alpine meadowland has now been washed away. Gone,  down the upper Quinault river and down the watersheds as the river was left to
"run wild" under the Wilderness Act and it's book of rules. A sad thing to see happen when it could have easily been prevented with common sense knowledge you don't see federal agencies use in today's world. Letting a river "run wild" can have devasting  unreversible affects on the enviroment , the wildlife and it's habitat.
Repairing and up keep of the Chalet was part of the promised agreement when restricting our public land use for "wilderness" designation. This did not happen. It was patched here and there and eventually boarded up.  The much loved Enchanted Valley Chalet has had the ever encroaching river eroding the meadowed landscape away for NINE YEARS.  The Park, well aware of what the eminent result would be sat idle. Save it? or let it go?  It iwas ready to go. Talking about it for 9 years? and as of may 2014 still talking about it.


Total disregard by ONP's obligations as our paid steward, but also an insult to the OVERFLOWING stack of RESCUE letters to Both Congress and Olympic National Park


The COLLABORATORS don't care  but
We've paid for up keep
We want it! and want it now!

Olympic National Park News Release
 March 20, 2014
For Immediate Release

Dynamic Quinault River Continues to Shift Course, Threaten Historic Enchanted Valley Chalet
Public Invited to Share Photos and Stories from Chalet’s History
As it has for many years, the main channel of the East Fork Quinault River has continued to move across the Enchanted Valley floodplain this winter, further eroding the river bank and undermining the 1930s-era Enchanted Valley Chalet.
This winter’s storms and high flows have resulted in the Quinault’s main channel to shift by at least 15 feet in the past three months. As of late last week, the river has undercut the Chalet by approximately four feet.
“Within what is technically and economically feasible, we continue to do our very best to protect the area’s natural and cultural resources and its wilderness character,” said Olympic National Park Superintendent Sarah Creachbaum. “Our options are limited, however, given the size and force of the river and the valley’s remote location within the Olympic Wilderness.”
An Olympic National Park crew recently returned from Enchanted Valley, where they assessed and documented the Chalet’s condition and removed equipment, supplies and hazardous materials. The building’s windows were also removed to both prevent glass from impacting the river and downstream natural resources and to preserve elements of the historic building.
Park staff continues to work closely with partners to develop the best course of action, both in the long and short term. Key partners include the Washington State Historic Preservation Officer, Pacific West Regional Office of the National Park Service, and concerned organizations and citizens.

Note: So far the citizens have been put on the back burner.

“We understand that the Chalet occupies an important place in the history of this area, and we know that people hold deep regard and affection for the building,” said Creachbaum. “We invite anyone who’d like to share their photos or memories of the Chalet to post them on our Olympic National Park Facebook page.”
In early January, photographs and visitor reports revealed that the Quinault River had migrated to within 18 inches of the building. Subsequent aerial photos illustrated the river’s continued movement towards the Chalet.

March 8, 2014

March 12, 2014
As of late last week, the river has undercut the Chalet by approximately four feet.

March 12, 2014
The reflecttion Of the Olympics through the window.
A gorgeous setting enjoyed by millions for  85 years.

Migration of the East Fork Quinault’s channel is common particularly in the loose, unconsolidated soils of Enchanted Valley. Storms, fallen trees, rockslides and simply the constant process of erosion can all cause the river to shift and carve a new channel.
Located 13 miles up trail from the Graves Creek trailhead in the Quinault Valley, the chalet was built by Quinault Valley residents in the early 1930s, prior to establishment of Olympic National Park. It served as a lodge for hikers and horse riders in Enchanted Valley.
Enchanted Valley is within the Olympic Wilderness, designated in 1988 and is a popular wilderness destination. More recently, the chalet has been used as a backcountry ranger station and emergency hikers’shelter. The chalet was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2007

Barb Maynes 360-565-3005 or 360-477-5326.

APRIL 6-7th 2014

Analysis of chalet from personal visit April 6th and 7th finds the chalet well built and secure. Quality construction is why it is still standing today, even in its current condition. Moving method uses two traditional main steel through foundation vents with cross loaders utilizing window openings to carry second floor and roof.

Schedule for moving is as follows. Day 1 has all steel in place with jacks set ready to lift. Day 2 puts chalet four feet in the air with roll beams in place. Day 3 puts chalet out of danger with train trestle style blocking being laid ahead of 30 foot roll beam track. Day 4 chalet can move at a rate of 50 feet per hour with one reset, 600 feet can be achieved by the end of day 5! This puts the chalet on the highest ground up river from current location. If foundation is prebuilt, chalet can be permanently placed on day 6 with steel removed for transport on day 7! One weeks time and the chalet can continue to be enjoyed for decades. 

This can be accomplished in this timeframe due to the countless number of people who have been calling every day to volunteer their time and talent for this effort. The calls to my office are all hands on deck, let's move the chalet.

Jeff Monroe
Monroe House Moving
(360) 774-1506

Jeff has offered his labo

April 17 2014 - The Daily World


Preservationist  Disagree On  Rescue Efforts
Enchanted Valley Chalet
Response from Wa, State U.S. SenatorMaria Cantwell

Olympic National Park Release

Enchanted Valley Debate

Congress needed to act and act decisively to save this extremely important historical monument.
CANTWELL played ring around the rosy

As of June 2014
Federal Authority's Once Again
Showing a Pattern of Ignoring Emergency Situations

NOTE:  $4 million in federal tax funded grants issued to Green Groups to come out and test the waters on the Olympic Peninsula for Climate Change. To see if  it's being affected?  Forget about immediate critical issues? Well Kilmer did have to give his parkie promoters jobs. After all they secured his re-election.

This is what is called wasteful BIG PORK BARREL SPENDING.  Using our funds inappropriately.
The crisis we face in our country today has been federally inflicted by Obamas white house administration and the democratic congress. Getting rid of the crisis is getting rid of our Democratic Congress. Expect to see decades more, of bankruptcy plaguing our futures over what this and the Dick's administration failed to do. Then they came begging for a "legacy".  We must get rid of the JUNK spending and give-a-way grants that fuel waste and ignore what the public pays for but never seems to get. They are all about "Legacy", giving away money we don't have for personal  fame and fortune. Selling peninsula citizen jobs for their campaign supporters and their votes.

With the amount of chem trailing taking place over the Olympic Peninsula watersheds Your Congress Kid refuses transparency over. This is OBVIOUSLY  having a huge affect on our Rain Forest Climate but they have actually permitted $4 MILLION for testing to be done under a FALSE CLIMATE CONDITIONS! They childess replys we recieved from Kilmer and his aides were astonishing.

Can't save the Chalet because of possible environmental damage to the natural eco system? By rolling the chalet away from the encroaching river? By leaving a temporary indentation of flattened meadow grass?
The Federal Government Bureaucrats have become a lethal weapon where environment is concerned, while defaulting on legal obligations to protect it and our historical  heritage landmarks. When they took our public land for wilderness we knew that the Parks intention to preserve the chalet was really to have federal jurisdiction and say,  over what they would do with it.  
Efforts to "Save" by compassionate visitors don't always play out as planned. If the Federal Government is involved, we will WARN YOU ONCE AGAIN.   You won't get what you pay for and their intentions are never what they project to the public.

As in the past our predictions have played out

He who lives here knows the land.
He who lived here built this out post.
He who still lives here has been though this same movie time and time again.

How many times do they expect us to "trust them" once AGAIN? and AGAIN? The whole lot of them, along with the green tail waggers, should be tossed out on their "good words of assurance". Congress for lack of compliance and the scams behind them and the Green lemmings that believe them.

We've had enough!

Here is an interesting report from Chalet Mover Jeff Monroe himself, that will back up what goes on behind closed doors with the BIG FED GOV fat cats and their minion control agencies. The shadows lurking in dark corners that will hold back information, so they can jump up and take the credit for what Jeff Monroe organized and carried out. It was quite a fight tooth and nail for Jeff and his group of VOLUNTEERS, all the way to our dead Congress.
In other words in order not to taint the congressmans current FEDERAL LANDGRAB image, SHUT UP or we'll SHUT YOU DOWN. Great summary by Jeff Monroe on why we don't want FEDERAL HANDS on our public lands.
Check it out.
Chalet Mover Says He Was "Muzzled" by Olympic National Park.