Proposed  "Wild Olympics" Agenda

  Striving to create The Norm Dicks Legacy-  Can kicker and $ Trillion dollar "budget queen, Washington U.S. Senator Patty Murray, vowed to reintroduce the miserably failed puget sounders  Wild Olympics/Wild and Scenic Rivers Act  in honor of the failed ex-congressman Norm Dicks.  2014 A plan to push forward   President Obama's $900,000,000  grab of our resource lands (that’s $900 million). Obama's desire for eventual federal ownership and U.N. control of all U.S. land. The $900 Million funding would be allocated from the LWCF, that has been put in place from oil companies. These funds come from us.  Funds that we're paying at the gas pumps and for any other petroleum product on the market, including plastic water bottles that purified water is bottled in. The "Wild Olympics" Campaign is stating that this $900,000,000 funding is not costing us anything.  Oil Profits come from us!
   These environmential funds are paid to the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) every year for land acquisition, for grabbing clean resources in return for allowing them to pollute the environment.  $450,000,000 from the off shore drilling and a matched "State Fund of $450,000,000. Total $900,000,000.  Obama was looking to double the federal funds to $900 Million aside from State matched funds originally totaling half.  $450,000,000 +
$450,000,000 = $900,000,000. He succeeded in squandering $700 milliuon with the help of Sally Jewel of REI.
Obama is now asking for $900 Million EVERY YEAR out of your hard earned federal tax money to purchase more federal land for Park, Wilderness and limited Recreation. Some unaffordable hunting and fishing will be allowed and over-regulated.  

 This is what the environmental clubs and Derek Kilmer are booting for. A drop in their bucket?  A bucket with a hole in it for us. A pretty C
HEAP OFFER.  These lands are priceless.  They are OUR lands.  Lands that were promised to OUR States, NOT to the National branch of Federal Government. The Federal Government already owns over 1 million acres of protected park and Wilderness on the Olympic Peninsula. Enough is Enough. We say NO SALE, NO TRADE, NO SWAP EVER!  
    Environmentalists ascrambled for use of the $900,000,000 to purchase land across the US. in part, over  130,000 more acres of land for Olympic National Park wilderness addition here in Washington State. Some  is considered productive timberland owned by the state Department of Natural Resources, the U.S. Forest Service state lands, private land and forestry companies. These are working lands for Washington State that will grow harvestable trees generation after generation perpetually . The proposed  unneeded new Wilderness Area designations, totaling over 130,000 acres and  hundreds of miles of 19 rivers  to be designated as wild and scenic because with it comes an additional 1/4 mile designation on each side of the river adding more acreage to those already being added.  Approx. 200,000 acres, with layers, and layers of federal regulations to be included.

  This plan wants most all existing access roads to hunting , fishing and recreation BLOCKED UP and the people LOCKED OUT. The added Wilderness  to be basically a People Free zone,  where no motorized vehicles including trail bikes or bicycles will be allowed.  
No longer will you be able to drive through the wilderness areas within the beautiful U.S. Forest Srevice road system , to enjoy these  extraordinary wonders of nature as an onlooker.  These new designations will also make it near impossible for the elderly or disabled to take part in these well deserved God given wonders.   Motorized wheel chairs were concidered on the designated trail, but have now been removed. Many existing hiking trails will also be decommissioned leaving only a handful designated and open for backpackers. 
   The Wild Olympics Federal Land Garb Grab “Con-Pain” will affect and change  acres of working forest land and open public access roads, to be locked-up for National Park/Wilderness, Preserve and Wild and Scenic River  designations. Some are being allowed to overgrow as we speak.  Kilmer claims as murray and Dick's did, that no roads will be closed. BUT THEY WILL BE ALLOWED to OVERGROW. Word play and trickery.
The federal government along with U.N. conspirators  are using environmental issues on a “global” scale to lure you into believing this is a last resort to balance the sensitive and pristine eco systems of our valuable watershed areas. This is a false impression and is just not true. The Quinault Olympic Rainforest receives 12 - 15 feet of rain annually, cleansing it’s steep mountainous terrains  and sending that clean water down river all the way to the ocean beaches.  What happens when all this water leaves our pristine areas is out of our hands.  Perhaps those are the areas that need to practice preservation and conservation.  It’s already here in Quinault. AND already protected.  Often you will hear the Puget Sounders cry "SAVE OUR SOUND". "SAVE OUR WATER" .
Our waters on the west side flow in the opposite direction AWAY from Puget Sound!  They caused their own misery. Now they are here to cause misery for us because of their neglect.

   Our existing Olympic National Park is already a protected area. 95% of the park is protected wilderness which is wild, beautiful and pristine. Elk, Bear, Cougar among other wildlife frequent our lower valley. It just doesn't get any wilder. The Quinault  valley has survived well over 130 years of rural families living in harmony with it’s many species of wildlife and the very wilderness you see and enjoy today. It is STILL here because we respect our valley and we CARE.

   Our current Olympic National Park and forest service systems are broadly and abusively mismanaged.
 Before the last land grab (spotted owl) we were promised well kept and open campgrounds within the forests (part of the deal).
Today we have no open year round campgrounds and what’s left are in various states of dilapidation.
  We were promised open well kept hiking trails (part of the deal).  We were promised jobs maintaining our forests. (part of the deal).
   Most trails are littered with large blow down timber making them impassible by both wildlife and humans. 
Here in Quinault the Colonel Bob wilderness trail (a main hiking attraction) was out of commission for over 5  years, badly damaged in the 2007 by hurricane force winds.  It just recently re-opened in late 2013.

  As you look to the top of our areas prestigious mountains you will see acres and acres of littered trees left to rot and turn into fueled tinder. Layer upon layer of regulations prohibiting clean-up. A cluttered  promise of park and  trail maintenance. An empty promise for jobs. If they want to protect and preserve the National Park and surrounding forest lands, they need to start by funding the already failed parks system and “make good” of the unkept promises from 35 years ago.

  “Wild Olympics” have a spand of support from city enviro’s who fail to see the importance of rural existing families, jobs and schools, in the areas they don't live in but want to infringe upon. They don’t care about destroying and dissolving our local communities. They don’t care that we’ve invested our lives here. It’s not right that environmental urbanite  groups should come out here to rule the lands that our lives and homes are in, for their own purposes. They could stay home, clean-up and rule their own neighborhoods.  Our State recreational lands were given to us to use and enjoy, a promise of  “perpetuity” for ALL not just environmental elitist clubs.  Our State trust lands produce income for
Schools, universities, state colleges, prisons, state mental hospitals, local services in many counties, and the States General Funds. State lands are also managed to provide fish and wildlife habitat, educational and recreational opportunities for everyone. Funds are dry in 2012 and incurring more unneeded debt based on prediction and projection are not responsible decisions at this time in history, a time of the worst economic crisis known to man! Congress has neglected REAL issues. They have turned their backs on the people.  They are being lobbied by Big Government Environmental Corps. to kick us while were down and take our land "for other purposes".  These other purposes do not include us.

   The environmentalists want a Federal “IRON CLAD” Deed saying these already protected forest lands will stay that way.
   IRON CLADING  themselves 
and their decisions to their own backyards and enjoying the peninsula as others do might  be the more respectful and responsible thing to do.  Meddling in places they do not work and live in while deciding the fate of our communities surrounding these forestlands is a vision of selfish narrow mindedness. Olympic National Park is for ALL to enjoy. ENJOY not CHANGE.  Brushing off  the fact this implementation will cause more job loss,  school closures,  affordable health care and medicine for our senior citizens and a higher cost of education  "Wild Olympics" will not admit to. Ripping all this apart from the very people that cared enough to preserve this valley and the surrounding areas they walk in today. Shameful. 
  Being heard is our only defense against this well established and funded "Wild Olympics" Campaign that was kept secret for 2 1/2 years prior, from many affected peninsula areas until March 2011. That’s right! Over 200 meetings and 2 1/2 years in the making before Quinault was informed. So the crooks were forced to go public!  A scheme in the making.
   "Wild Olympics" have funds to hire expensive lawyers and pay expensive journalists to put candy coated descriptive words into their Websites.  They have jobs that were made to take ours jobs away. They also have political ties to back them, Federal ties that have interests in the monetary worth of our resources but using  Environment issues as their motive and tool to implement there agenda. Criminal to say the lest. Building on an untruth. Crushing this community and our children’s future here now,  for weekend looky loos and their future families, is self centered and evil at it’s best. The future was here for us and will be for them, left just the way it is.
 We are asking The
residents of  Washington state  and our readers here to go to to oppose "Wild Olympics" Campaign and sign the petition to STOP this federal “Land Grab” by Congressman Derek Kilmer and the environmental elitist clubs he backs. Keep our access roads open and State lands working for Washington State. Once it is gone, It is gone FOREVER!
  We trusted the federal government with our money and look what happened?  Do you really want to trust them with our natural resource lands? Will they sell us down the river like they did our country? $900 MILLION over and over again?. To OWN our resources. A drop in the bucket verses nothing in return EVER.......... Think about it!  

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