Picture of Quinault School Past and Present

    Cuts to  Washington State Education in 2011 $827 Million, Healthcare cuts for seniors and children in need $22 Million and Grays Harbor County with a 29% + poverty rate,  but the Federal Government (our tax dollars) will spend $900 Million on park expansion for nature enthusiasts.  Read about the "PINK SLIME" that has shown up on our National School Lunch Programs. Our Federal Government and the Dept Of Agriculture have approved and have a contract to buy 111.5 Million lbs of ground beef that is made with 700 Million pounds of "PINK SLIME"  This is what our "Steak and Lobster government officials are shoveling up our School Kids to eat!!!!!!! Their thank you to us for killing our Jobs to take our land.  Pig Slop for our Children and Zero future freedoms.  
    These Federal Agencies  destroyed our jobs here once already over bureaucratic red tape. The rest of them will go when our schools close. Don’t Be Fooled! They see the Value of our natural resources and they are out to OWN them.  Politically this is NOT about conservation or the preservation environmentalists seek or for the sake of the future. The Federal Government already sold our future down the river.  Now they have come to take what’s left in resources. Out of our States hands into their own. A crafty scheme and evil at it’s best. There is no money left. They have spent it all with a $16 Trillion deficit and climbing daily.
    The Olympic Peninsula is loaded with resources, wood and valuable sot after  minerals. Who will own these prestigious forested mountains in the future under Federal Government ownership. China? for our National Debt? What environmentalists don’t want to absorb is, depending on who is in the White House decides the fate of these lands whether under an “IRON CLAD” deed or not. These are Federal Facts. They CAN and WILL do anything they want  and it’s no secret they want money , money and more money.  Tax, Tax and more taxes.   
    As you have seen from the Map of the purposed areas for inclusion  Quinault has much to lose and will definitely be directly affected.  If you respect the Quinault Valley which has been cared for and protected by families that settled here,  families that STILL live here, families that made it possible for you to explore and enjoy today, we ask you to  Please go to  www.workingwildolympics.com  to save our lands and
                                                                                    OPPOSE “Wild Olympics”
                                                                                    and their “candy coated” campaign.

  Contact members of the US Congress, US Senate and State Legislators and let them know where you stand on this issue of wrongful priorities and inappropriate spending of a $900 million or any amount.  Think about it.  We will all be picking up the tab for the $900 million in place to buy us out of jobs, give up our homes, close our schools and take food off our tables.  What is in this for us besides HUGE taxes hikes? Nothing EVER. Just like in the past. ZIP!
    What’s in it for the environmental urbanites who live and work elsewhere?  but want control of our Quinault area while dissolving our Community? the areas we have kept in tact to this very day?  
   They will have the freedom for their elite Nature Clubs to walk small loop trails  bordering our already protected wilderness, for their one or two weekends out of each year (just like they can now).  This is a narrow self centered vision on their part, foolish, unnecessary and wasteful .
   We will, however, be Locked Out of the lands we have paid to keep open for ALL to enjoy and Lands that work for Washington State. 
NO PARK EXPANSION. They can not take care of what they manage now without abusing it. We are already paying for past frivilous Government shopping sprees                             

                                                                               QUINAULT  is  NOT for SALE, TRADE or SWAP!

Working Timber Lands