Re-introducing “trans located” wolves? (wolves NOT native to the area), or even native  packs "timber wolves" for that matter, on the Olympic Peninsula is the biggest mistake, that could possibly be made in the Washington State.  Norm Dick needs his head examined  right along with Washington Dept. Of Fish and Wildlife.  Wolves are a wasteful aggressive predator.  If allowed to reach (which they eventually will) the Quinault forested lands, they will stalk our very narrow valleys elk population right into extinction. It will then become a  grave danger to the human population  who have occupied this valley and cared for it.  The elk have lived in harmony with the residents here , our meadow lands serving as  natural grazing grounds necessary for their survival. To reintroduce this deadly predator only to be hunted and killed.  It’s no different then premeditated murder. What’s the point?  STOP this absurd plan in it’s tracks!  A park is no place for a high risk breeding predator.

Bill Pickell Shared some interestings figures:   
Wolves are being planted everywhere across the country. Some studies say 30  wolves in 8 years produce a MINIMUM of 210. This is the figure the WDFW uses—Some landowners who have been directly affected by wolves and have witnessed the impact on wildlife,  predict higher numbers.
    According to the WDFW it is 10.55 elk per wolf   killed  annually, however, the NRM science shows between 11-30 elk kills annually per wolf.  WFWD could very well be under estimating. The population could increase to 400 or more in Washington alone.

    "Why would anyone in their right mind  want to inflict this on our elk population?"  Save the Spotted Owl and kill off  the Elk?  Norm Dicks Grand Plan.
                                     Norm obviously watched to many westerns when he was a kid
                                                   and still fantasizes about living in the "Wild Wild West."

10.55 elk per year per wolf = 2215.5 elk
30 elk per wolf per year = 6300 elk
Ether way it’s trouble, death and disaster. 

   "Time for congress to remove the pencils from their ears, quit playing games on their computers and do some real research for themselves".
    The Cost = Our Tab.  Example: In  1996 when wolves were introduced in the Northern Rocky Mountain  region,  the feds assumed  the cost  would be $12 million over the 30 year period for management. 15 years later,  the cost had exceeded $40,200,000.  As of the current Fiscal Year, 2011, the NRM estimate for management is now $4.7 million. WA State has budgeted only $55,000 annually for wolf/livestock control and $192,000 for management, monitoring, wolf distribution, etc. A grim assessment and very misleading.

   There is a 3 year waiting period before action could be taken in the event of overpopulation (which is almost guaranteed) of wolves,  is too long. 15 pairs in an area surrounded by private land and existing communities, is unheard of. Olympic Peninsula is NOT suitable habitat for wolves.

  Washington’s wolves and the number of documented wolf packs have more than doubled during
the last year alone.

   Washington wolves are quickly expanding into Washington territories which they have not
occupied for many decades.

  Washington’s wolves have been de listed by the USFWS.  Judge Donald Malloy recently upheld the de listing of wolves in the eastern 1/3 of Washington.

Washington wolves by *definition of the law, congressional action, and judicial action, are
                                             NOT Endangered, Threatened, or Sensitive.

Wolf overpopulation in Yellowstone, Bitterroot, and the Lolo regions have caused  devastating affects on diminishing wildlife.

 The wolf plan sets Washington up for wolf overpopulation, an unknown number of additional breeding pairs will likely result during this 3 year waiting period which defeats the intent of establishing the wolf plan. It is important to ACT NOW to ELIMINATE the 3 year requirement.  Email  Government officials and let them know how you stand on this issue.  How much are you willing to pay for these predators to stalk our recreational trails and hunting areas?

It is also important to address the  removal of thousands of wolves to protect the last 40 woodland caribou in the entire lower 48 states.
   WDFW cannot adequately monitor and manage our bear and cougar numbers to minimize impacts. The wolf plan should detail how WDFW will monitor and control wolf numbers to protect prey base; livestock, pets, and humans.

  “Our  children should be safe when waiting for the school busses in the dark hours of the early morning and they should be protected when playing in our yards at all times. This will also endanger livestock (we greatly depend on) and family pets,  which this proposal prohibits us to protect during attack. This is a preposterous and ignorant plan.  Men sitting in offices, making decisions they know nothing about”.


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